Trality bot review – Create your own bot without coding!

Trality bot review – Create your own bot without coding!
Trality bot review – Create your own bot without coding!
Austrian company
Completely free options for beginners
Advanced tools
Extensive documentation
Great community and communication
Powerful backtesting

Investing in cryptocurrencies through bots can be a daunting endeavour as not only is the technology very advanced, but there are so many different platforms out there that it makes choosing one quite exhausting. But some platforms stand out from the rest, some for their ease of access, some for the broad range of supported exchanges and some because of their great, capable features.

Trality fits into the latter category.

The Austrian company was founded in 2019 by Moritz Putzhammer and Christopher Helf and their goal is to link the gap between professional and private trading. It wants to enable everyone to access the promising technology of algorithmic trading and help traders builder smarter bots to make better trades. Most important to note is, however, that Trality empowers its users to customize and fine-tune their bots to an extreme, unseen level of precision.

PriceFree Plan |  9.99 | 39.99 | 59.99 / per month
Payment OptionsVisa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Diners
Exchange SupportBinance / Kraken / Coinase / Bitpanda

Major features of Trality

⚡️ Rule builder

Trality is not only for coders though. If you consider yourself to be a savvy or experienced trader but you have never learned to code then you can still build a bot and access many of the same cool features available to the coders without actually having to know code.

The ‘Rule Builder’ is an easy-to-use, graphics-based interface that lets traders build their strategies by simply dragging and dropping indicators and strategies. This tool is perfect for those looking to dip their toes into the world of building cryptocurrency trading bots.

✅ Rule Builder Tutorial: How to create a trading algorithm without code

⚡️ Powerful Python Code Editor

Trality’s main point of focus is its powerful Python API which allows users to create highly creative and intricate algorithms in the most efficient way possible. The product has pretty much every, single tool that a Python bot creator could ever desire and gives you the power to create bots which are far more unique than the everyday cryptocurrency trading bots. 

Employing this easy-to-use API will give you access to all kinds of financial data to augment your bot and make sure it always has the edge. Alongside a great list of TA indicators, and the future promise of using more intricate math, statistics, machine learning and other sources of data – this product has a lot of potential. Personally, one of our favourite tools is the number of unique order types such as Trailing Stop Loss, Stop-Limit or Stop-Market which really allows us to get creative when writing an algorithm.

 The real kicker is that this all happens in-browser which, as far as we know, is unique to Trality. This basically means that all your strategy developing and backtesting does not leave your own computer. Not even Trality can see which ideas you are coming up with! On top, the editor helps you with intelligent auto-complete and debugging functions.

On top of that, Trality gives its users clear versioning so you can revert to and switch between previous versions of your algorithm any time. 

⚡️ Helpful backtester 

With both of the above features, you have access to an incredibly powerful backtesting tool too. Once, you have finished building your bot either with the Code Editor or Rule Builder – you can run a backtest which is both powerful and surprisingly quick. The backtests always include the exchange fees too so it’s all taken care for you in the background and you can validate your strategies without worrying about any other factors.

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Trality’s “Code Editor” and Backtesting tool

⚡️ Completely cloud-based for 24/7 trading

Trality differs from most of its competitors in that it is truly cloud-based. You can build and test your bots completely through your web browser and when it’s time to trade directly deploy onto their cloud. The big advantages to this are quick and easy access to your bots without needing any additional hardware/software to set it up and keep it going.

⚡️ Rich documentation

Trality pays special attention to its documentation which is extensive and clear. There was no time during our Trality experience where we had to search through a messy, disorganized bunch of instructions. Every time something was unclear, we found the respective entry in the documentation quickly and it always solved our problem.

Trality’s documentation

Getting started

All in all, it took us about two minutes maximum to have an account on Trality which is exceptionally good by any standards and you can see that the company wants to make it as easy as possible for you to just build bots without hassle.

⚡️ Step 1. Register a free account

As mentioned previously, it’s very easy to make and account, just click here to sign up to Trality.

⚡️ Step 2. Create a new bot

Once you are in the dashboard, it’s very straightforward to start creating. Just click ‘Create new bot’ and a box will pop up asking for some specifics. At this point, you can name your bot whatever you want and also give it a color to help you to distinguish between your bots.

Trality’s “Rule Builder”

⚡️ Step 3. Enjoy building!

You’ll need to decide on whether you want to use the Python Code Editor or the handy Rule Builder now and depending on your choice, the instructions will vary. This is not a guide on how to use Trality’s products though so we will not go into detail here however you will find a useful beginner’s guide from Trality right here.

Trality’s “Rule Builder”

⚡️ Step 4. Paper trade before going live!

Thanks to Trality’s powerful backtester you can utilise unlimited paper trading before committing your bot to the real world of cryptocurrency exchanges. We highly recommend rigorously testing your bot if you expect quality results from your algorithms. 

Customer support

We’re very happy with the support you can get from Trality. Firstly, this platform has a pretty enthusiastic community of algorithmic traders behind it. While they do not have a Reddit page, they have a very lively Telegram group where users can go and ask any sorts of questions about the company and its bot-creation ecosystem. This is great because some of the founders and product owners themselves actively take part in the discussion and they are always looking for feedback so you can actively play a role in shaping the product! 

As we mentioned before, a good source of information is the Trality Documentation forum, which you can access without an account should you like to have a preview.

Alternatively, you can simply email them directly and get an answer quickly from one of the team.


By all accounts, Trality is known to be a secure place to create and deploy your bots. Users funds will never be held on your account and will always lie safely on your chosen exchange. Trality never touches your funds directly and will only ever use official exchange APIs to make orders on your behalf. More than that, your trading strategies are end-to-end encrypted, this means that no one, not even Trality itself, can see your strategies. 

As everything is cloud-based, you can rest easy knowing that your bot will be running 24/7 and never miss a trade – absolutely no need to set up your own trading servers!


The platform has a fair and flexible pricing model that is designed with users of all experience levels in mind. Moreover, the starting plan is absolutely free and not time-limited, so you can use, test and live trade with a free option as often as you’d like!

Trality’s pricing

Aside from the Free plan, there are three paid plans with one option to suit all levels of professional traders. With the 9.99 Knight plan allowing you to create 4 bots in total (two test bots and two live bots) and a monthly volume of 25k, and the Queen plan allowing an UNLIMITED volume with up to TWENTY bots – you will find the perfect plan for you. We also think it’s pretty cool that the Free plan is free forever. Most other platforms offer a time-limited free option so this is definitely worth mentioning.

Supported exchanges 

You can connect your bot to the most popular exchanges’ APIs and trade in a  considerable pool of cryptocurrencies 100” automatically and 24/7. It currently supports integration to the following exchanges:

  • Binance 
  • Kraken
  • Coinbase Pro
  • Bitpanda Pro

This is also one of the areas where Trality needs to add some focus. Although the platform supports the world’s most popular exchanges – it’s beneficial for traders to have access to as many markets as possible therefore, a few more additions would be great.

Trality’s supported exchanges

ConclusionTrality Trading Bot Review

Trality is a great platform with a lot of potential. The product has everything that a real bot creator needs. If you’re a coder or a savvy trader then you simply sign in and you will know what to do intuitively. The functionality and flexibility are possibly the best in the game and is Trality is certainly not your average, generic bot-trading platform.

The in-browser Python code editor includes loads of libraries to pull and work from and unique order types to really give your bot the edge when it is competing on exchanges.

Added to that, they have the handy Rule Builder which allows non-coders to benefit from a lot of the same great features as the coders. One example of this is the impressively quick backtester that both user groups can use to validate their strategies.

If you’re an algorithmic or quantitative trader, you will want to check out Trality.

8.2 Total Score

Ease of use
Customer support
Integrated exchanges
  • Austrian company
  • Completely free options for beginners
  • Advanced tools
  • Extensive documentation
  • Great community and communication
  • Powerful backtesting
  • Still quite young
  • Needs some more exchanges
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