Traders Are Expecting This New Meme Coin to Explode After Presale Sells Out in Just Hours

A newly launched meme coin is causing a buzz in the meme coin sector after selling its entire presale allocation in a matter of hours.

The presale for Mr. Hankey Coin went live on July 13th at 6 PM BST and was completely snapped up in less than twelve hours.

Now, with the token recently hitting exchanges, traders are expecting this new viral meme coin to explode much further over the coming days – with some predicting 100x returns.

Mr. Hankey Coin Sells Entire Presale Allocation in Under Twelve Hours

After opening the doors to its presale on Thursday, the entire $HANKEY presale allocation was snapped up by eager investors in under twelve hours.

The presale hit its hard cap of $500,000 faster than everybody could have predicted as the new viral meme coin made waves in the industry.

Mr. Hankey Coin is based on the beloved South Park character with the same name.

The Christmas deity, first appearing on the show in 1997, quickly became one of its most popular characters, and its popularity continues today.

$HANKEY is combining the hilarity of the South Park comedy show with the high returns of the crypto markets.

Described as the number one shitcoin, $HANKEY wants to give a whole new meaning to dirty money by creating a viral moment in the space.

The unique theme has proven to be a hit with investors as it stands apart from the crowded copycat “2.0/3.0” clones that have plagued the market in recent weeks.

Investors quickly rushed to get positioned in this token due to the fact that it had such a limited presale, meaning it would start with a low market cap.

In addition, rumors quickly spread that the coin has an expert marketing group behind it with previous successful projects in the meme coin sector.

Exceptionally Low Market Cap Provide Exceptionally High Returns

With the token going live on exchanges yesterday, the exceptionally low market cap provides room for exceptionally high returns for investors.

The market cap for $HANKEY started at a low $1.25 million level, giving it huge scope to grow upward.

As a result, analysts believe this token can provide at least 10x returns for early adopters – at the bare minimum.

To illustrate this sentiment, the market cap would only need to reach $12.5 million to deliver 10x returns, an easy achievement made by most meme coins that go viral on DexTools.

Besides its DexTools launch, the Mr. Hankey Coin team is committed to providing a smooth token trading environment with well-oiled market liquidity.

Alongside the contract being renounced and the liquidity being locked, the team will also be campaigning to get the token listed on as many centralized exchanges as possible.

Extreme Hype Generated by Expert Marketing Team

Furthermore, rumors are swelling that the team that drove $SPONGE to unprecedented heights is also driving $HANKEY.

$SPONGE provided over 100x returns for its presale investors as its market cap breached $60 million.

Now, that same team is expected to drive $HANKEY to similar returns over the coming weeks.

The marketing team has wild ambitions to make $HANKEY the fastest-trending and best-performing token of 2023.

The notable success of the presale already demonstrates they’re on the right track to achieve this goal.

Furthermore, a handful of notable influencers are already promoting $HANKEY to their enormous audiences.

For example, influencers like @MattInWeb3, @AmeerNFTs, and @mrbrown_nft, are all talking about $HANKEY – all of which have an average of more than 100,000 followers. 

Expect Huge Returns From $HANKEY This Week.

Overall, with the huge launch of $HANKEY underway, experts believe this project will provide significant returns throughout the week.

The project has released its whitepaper – cleverly named “brown paper” – so traders can see what’s in store for this viral sensation.

In addition, the team is actively working to build a strong and engaging community, and its Twitter account has already attracted over 7,5000 followers, with an additional 1,600 on Telegram.

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