Top Crypto Events and Narratives Including Nvidia To Watch This Week

The cryptocurrency industry is buzzing with activity as a series of events and announcements unfold, potentially shaping the future of various altcoins and the broader crypto ecosystem.

From conferences and token listings to major unlocks and protocol upgrades, the week ahead promises to be filled with exciting developments for investors and enthusiasts alike.

According to Cryptonary, one of the most anticipated events is the NVIDIA AI-Conference, scheduled for March 18–21. As AI coins begin to display strength, with some even rallying, this conference could serve as a catalyst for further growth in the sector. Analysts are closely watching to see if AI-related cryptocurrencies will continue to gain momentum as the conference draws near.

EtherFi’s ETHFI Token Listing and Liquid Re-Staking Protocol

In other news, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, plans to list EtherFi’s ETHFI token in the coming days. We anticipate this move will enhance the token’s liquidity and expand its accessibility to a broader audience.

With its upcoming ZK listing on OKX, Polyhedra, a project focusing on zero-knowledge proofs and interoperability, is making waves. The project has also garnered support from Binance Labs, which has invested in Polyhedra, recognizing its potential to revolutionize cross-chain communication and privacy solutions.

Furthermore, Polychain, a prominent blockchain investment firm, led Polyhedra to successfully raise $20 million in a strategic funding round. Cryptonary expects this influx of capital to accelerate the project’s development and help it achieve its goals of bringing zero-knowledge proofs and interoperability to the forefront of the crypto industry.

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Cosmos and Avalanche: Mainnet Upgrades and Major Unlocks

The Cosmos ecosystem is preparing for a significant milestone with the scheduled Cosmos Gaia V15 mainnet upgrade on March 20. Cryptonary expects this upgrade to enhance the Cosmos network’s scalability, security, and overall performance with a host of improvements and new features.

Meanwhile, Avalanche, a high-performance blockchain platform, is preparing for a major unlock event worth $400 million. This unlock, set to occur on March 21, is likely to have a significant impact on the AVAX token’s price and liquidity. Avalanche is also participating in the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2024, showcasing its commitment to fostering blockchain adoption within the gaming industry.

Token Listings and Unlocks: $DONUT, $BRICK, $MOON, $STX, and $STRX

The week ahead also sees several notable token listings and unlocks. People are discussing Reddit’s IPO and DONUT token as potential investments, while BRICK and MOON are also attracting interest. Leading crypto exchange Coinbase plans to list STX and STRX, potentially increasing exposure and trading volume for these tokens.

IMX and JD Unlocks: Potential Market Impact

On March 22, Immutable X (IMX) is gearing up for a significant unlock event that will release $110 million worth of tokens.

Similarly, Space ID is also planning a token unlock worth $136 million. Although this unlock represents only 18% of the total circulating supply, it is still a substantial amount that could impact the token’s price in the short term.

By staying informed, diversifying portfolios, and maintaining a long-term perspective, market participants can navigate the dynamic crypto world with greater confidence and potentially capitalize on the exciting developments that lie ahead.

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