Top Analyst Unveils Weekly Watchlist: MATIC, BAKE, FXS Among His Top Altcoin Picks

Top crypto analyst Layergg shared his weekly narrative watchlist, highlighting impending developments for 8 tokens that could catalyze price moves this week. We’ll have a look at these tokens and one emerging presale, Bitcoin Minetrix.

First on the list is FXS, related to the Frax protocol. With the highly-anticipated FXS halving event set for December 20th, supply changes could impact prices. Additionally, CEO Sam Kazemian hinted at a potential Fraxchain airdrop in January when the new blockchain launches.

WLD also made the watchlist, as rumors circulate of an imminent release of OpenAI’s GPT 4.5 language model, potentially within the next week. The source accurately leaked both the timing and capabilities of Google’s Gemini model previously. As an AI-focused crypto project, surprise GPT releases could spur price speculation in WLD.

For SNX, the upcoming Andromeda upgrade will bring perpetuals, revenue sharing, and governance amendments like capping SNX inflation. These are scheduled to have more details unveiled on December 14th.

In Polygon news, MATIC has significant reveals anticipated both next week on the 14th and on the 20th. These could provide catalysts if the announcements posit large integrations, partnerships, or new capabilities that expand Polygon’s ecosystem.

On the gaming front, Vulcan Forged and its PYR token will soon launch the highly anticipated Vulcan Royale title on December 16, which resembles a blockchain-based Fortnite with VR functionality. PYR spiked 60% upon the initial game reveal, so the launch could induce further upside volatility.

Shifting to launchpad and auction platform Bounce Finance, its AUCTION token grabbed Layergg’s attention. Bounce confirmed an upcoming Bitcoin-ordinal lottery set for this week on December 11th, with other IDO launches seeming imminent. As the sole Binance Smart Chain IDO platform on Binance itself, exchange activity often creates retail interest.

For NFT outlet BakerySwap, its BAKE token will be used to power the initial phase of not one but three upcoming BSC launchpads beginning December 12th. As mentor VC firm Moonwhale Ventures noted, a successful inaugural IDO is apt to create significant momentum.

Finally, as arbitrage-centric network Arbitrum One gets listed on Coinbase Futures on the 13th, its governance token ARB was highlighted. Layergg cited precedents of major exchange listings spurring rallies, often elevating the asset to market leader status afterwards like Solana, Avalanche etc. An ARB unlock in March may also incentivize using ARB itself for fees.

Stepping back, Layergg emphasizes that evidence points to an early bull market, with lower market cap alts already tripling while bluechip cryptos play catchup from their lagging returns in 2022. For those with spot holdings, taking profits on leverage while buying dips seems prudent until overheating signals emerge.

Indeed, analyst Rekt Capital spots a similar favorable setup for alts. He notes that after previous demand around the $182 billion market cap area propelled alts 2-3x higher, another retest of that level is approaching. With total alt market cap rallying to $425 billion post-retests, Rekt will look for a possible third launch higher.

How Bitcoin Minetrix Makes BTC Accessible

Now transitioning to an entirely different emerging crypto sector, a project named Bitcoin Minetrix has quickly seized investor attention with its unique “stake-to-mine” model around accruing Bitcoin.

The core utility comes from the BTCMTX token, which lets holders earn cloud mining rewards on Bitcoin simply by staking BTCMTX. This opens passive mining to anyone without proficiency in hardware or advanced crypto techniques.

By staking BTCMTX, users receive non-transferrable ERC-20 tokens called Bitcoin Mining Credits. These credits are burned when users desire to redeem them for actual cloud mining output, with the number of credits determining the mining duration.

Not only does this lower the barrier to gain bitcoin exposure relative to direct mining, but conducting operations on the blockchain adds full transparency around staked capital and mining activity. This is a major plus relative to opaque legacy cloud mining corporations that lead to frequent scandals.

The continual burn of mining credits provides deflationary pressure on BTCMTX as adoption grows. And by decentralizing bitcoin mining to regular stakers rather than specialized industrial miners, the model further aligns incentives around securing the BTC network via hashrate.

Having raised over $5.1 million in their ongoing token presale, Bitcoin Minetrix seems positioned as a leader in innovating cloud mining for the Web3 era. With no technical expertise or hardware costs required, it’s clear why everyday crypto investors gravitate toward the project’s passive value accrual.

Visit Bitcoin Minetrix Presale

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