Top Analyst Think Ripple (XRP) May Never Reach Back its ATH And Recommend DigiToads (TOADS) Presale For Massive Gains

Designed as a decentralized cryptocurrency platform catering to businesses, Ripple (XRP) has carved a niche for itself by bridging the gap between enterprises and blockchain technology. Its enterprise-grade solutions enable firms to leverage the potential of blockchain by sourcing cryptocurrencies and facilitating crypto payments, discovering new sources of revenue, among other benefits. However, XRP has been in the eye of the storm following a regulatory crackdown by the US Securities and Exchange Commission that resulted in a lawsuit. Though Ripple won the lawsuit in the end, many analysts feel that it may never reach its all-time high levels again. 

These experts are now recommending crypto users an Ethereum-powered project that has been making waves with its hybrid DeFi mode. Called DigiToads (TOADS), the cryptocurrency has been rated as one of the altcoins to watch out for as it opens up multiple opportunities for earning passive income for its users. Another USP of DigiToads is its presale growth. It is currently in its last stage of presale and has so far collected $6.5 million in funding so far. Given its presale success, DigiToads has already bagged a spot in leading analysts’ best cryptocurrency ICO lists.

DigiToads: The ERC-20 token that everyone’s talking about

DigiToads is a leading crypto project that taps into the unparalleled potential of hybrid DeFi to offer its users a wide variety of opportunities to earn passive income. These opportunities include staking NFTs, trading tokens, winning tokens through participation in Web 3.0 games and contests, and, entering prize draws. The rewards are given in terms of the TOADS token which is the medium of exchange on the network and is used for processing all kinds of payments on the network. The TOADS token is built on the ERC-20 protocol of the Ethereum network. 

DigiToads is the best cryptocurrency to buy for those looking to learn about crypto trading. The DigiToads team organizes trading competitions every month and the participant who books the highest trade volume wins. The profits that the winner books in a month are shared between the participant and the DigiToads team. The winner also trains under the DigiToads team to learn about treasury management.

The DigiToads team maintains a separate pool for giving out staking rewards by deducting 2% of all TOADS transactions. The rewards that NFT owners receive will vary with the time period for which the NFT is staked.

Another key draw of DigiToads is its Web 3.0 game where the highest scorers of a season walk away with TOADS tokens as a prize. The game is based in a Metaverse swamp where the players try to outperform each other. To increase their chances of winning, players can purchase in-game assets with their TOADS tokens. These assets include a species of digital creatures called DigiToads which have special powers. There is also food, potions, and training equipment available for these creatures that players can purchase to make them stronger and more powerful.  Head over to the DigoToads presale and find out more about this upcoming cryptocurrency. 

Ripple eyes expansion in South Korea with new partnership

Ripple is a decentralized technology that facilitates low-cost and high-speed transactions. These transactions can be scaled up to 1,500 transactions in a second. What adds to the draw of Ripple is its carbon-neutral and energy-efficient mode. Its native cryptocurrency is the XRP token. The platform uses the Federated Consensus protocol for validating transactions on the network.  In a recent development, Ripple announced that it will be partnering with South Korea-based blockchain consulting firm Catalyze Research for expanding its foothold in the Asian country. As part of the agreement, Ripple would be leveraging Catalyze Research’s understanding of the South Korean market.


If you are wondering what cryptos to buy now, DigiToads and Ripple are among the best options that you can find in the market today because of their utility-centric features. However, when it comes to long-term returns, analysts seem to be more inclined towards DigiToads because of its high growth potential. By providing crypto users multiple options for earning passive gains, the platform gives them the leeway to create a sustained source of earnings. Plus, with a decentralized system of governance, crypto users can actively participate to earn rewards and ensure optimal growth by exercising their voting rights.

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