Top Analyst Says Kaspa and These Altcoins Will 100x From Current Price

Crypto analyst Braver Crypto remains highly bullish on four crypto assets: Kaspa, Qubic, MicroVisionChain, and Zephyr Protocol. He expects each of them to surge anywhere from 30x to over 100x from current price levels.

Kaspa (KAS) is a programmable blockchain focused on scaling without compromising decentralization or security. Its native token, KAS, trades around $0.11 presently. With an innovative architecture and strong technical foundations, Kaspa aims to become a leading blockchain for building scalable, decentralized applications.

Qubic (QUBIC) power actions on its smart contract platform. QUBIC tokens are burned when used, balancing inflation and deflation. The token changes hands for $0.00000397 as of now. Qubic leverages a unique quaderno structure to enable high throughput and low latency on its network.

MicroVisionChain (SPACE) is building a UTXO-based blockchain for high-performance Web3 applications, combining features like high concurrency, Layer-1 smart contracts, and decentralized identity. Its SPACE token is trading around $21 presently. By harnessing the UTXO model, MicroVisionChain reaches up to 500,000 TPS in testing as it works toward mass adoption.

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Zephyr Protocol (ZEPH) issues a private stablecoin called ZSD backed by its native asset, ZEPH. At over $20 per coin, ZEPH acts as the collateral backing the Zephyr stablecoin system, which aspires to bring privacy-focused decentralized finance to a wide audience.

With prices around $0.11 for KAS, $0.00000397 for QUBIC, $21 for SPACE, and $20.85 for ZEPH, Braver Crypto sees each asset appreciating 30-100x or more in the years ahead due to their innovative models and real-world use potential. These four picks represent his highest-conviction cryptocurrency investments.

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