Top Analyst Reveals Top 3 AI Cryptos with Huge Potentials that He’s Buying in November

Miles Deutscher, a crypto analyst from Crypto Banter, recently revealed his top 3 cryptocurrency picks in the artificial intelligence (AI) sector for November 2023. According to Deutscher, AI represents an exciting long-term growth narrative with huge disruptive potential. In the near-term, AI crypto assets also tend to outperform during crypto market rallies.

The Investment Thesis for AI Cryptos

AI is a super interesting narrative both long-term and short-term,” said Deutscher. “Long-term, it’s an interesting growth vertical because I believe there is a lot of potential for AI and even its intersection with crypto to develop into a very strong, bonafide narrative.”

Deutscher believes we’re still in the early stages of seeing the full potential of AI and crypto. However, even in the next few years, he expects AI to be one of the most hyped sectors that tends to rally strongly during bullish macro environments.

Top 3 AI Cryptos to Buy

The top 3 AI crypto picks highlighted by Deutscher are:

Render (RNDR)

While not exclusively an AI project, Render provides key infrastructure like GPU power that facilitates AI development. As AI tech advances, Render will see rising demand. It also powers gaming/metaverse applications.

Top 3 AI Cryptos To BUY In November (Huge Potential)

SingularityNET (AGIX)

With a reasonable valuation and market cap, SingularityNET is a leading AI network well-positioned to benefit from growth in the sector. It acts as a proxy for the wider AI crypto space.

Image Generation AI

This microcap project can generate images from text descriptions, offering a web 3 alternative to AI art generators like Midjourney. With massive room for upside, it represents a higher risk, high reward AI investment bet.

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In summary, Deutscher believes the top AI cryptos to buy are those with strong utility and growth prospects like Render and SingularityNET, as well as microcap moonshot bets like Image Generation AI. He sees the AI crypto sector delivering outsized returns both in the near and long-term.

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