Top AI Crypto Tokens That Could Surge Upto 1000x if Backed by Amazon

Amazon, one of the largest online retailer and technology provider, lately confirmed a massive $4 billion investment in the artificial intelligence company Anthropic. This blockbuster deal signals that Amazon recognizes the immense potential of AI technology and is willing to pour billions into promising projects.

Moreover, with AI anticipated to be a $4 trillion market by 2028, crypto investors are now scouring the landscape for AI tokens that could reap huge rewards if backed by Amazon’s deep pockets.

One X user going by @0xFinish with over 100,000 followers on X, claims to have scanned over 1,000 AI tokens to uncover gems with ‘1000x upside’ if endorsed by Amazon before any official revelation. “Those who buy them before the announcement will make millions!” he proclaimed excitedly. While the specific tokens remain under wraps, @0xFinish proceeded to dish on his top high-conviction AI picks poised for a bull run.

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Finish’s Top AI Crypto Picks

  • Forta Network ($FORT) – This $86.5 million market cap project develops technologies to protect crypto platforms from hacks and exploits. Its useful security solutions could attract Amazon and institutional investors like BlackRock.
  • ZeroLabs ($DEAI) – Despite a modest $72 million valuation, this open multi-chain app development platform has already doxxed its team and impressed with tech demos at an early stage.
  • AutoAir ($AAI) – An AI-powered Telegram bot for automated crypto yield farming priced at just $20.3 million, representing an affordable speculative play on AI’s future in DeFi.
  • Worldcoin ($WLD) – This $950 million platform melds AI with a global identity network, which could complement Amazon’s e-commerce footprint as shopping transitions to Web3.
  • QnAWeb3 ($GPT) – Binance-backed, this $52 million AI-driven Web3 knowledge engine has @0xFinish speculating about integration potential with Amazon’s cloud services.
  • SleeplessAI ($AIAI) – With a $20.3 million valuation, this AI blockchain game taps both the AI and GameFi trends that could attract consumer-focused investments from leaders like Amazon.
  • NFPrompt ($NFP) – This $207 million AI x NFT platform for minting AI artwork as non-fungible tokens aligns two hot sectors Amazon may look to combine.
  • Balance AI ($BAI) – An open-source, decentralized machine learning network protocol valued at $32.6 million, representing an ambitious, undervalued project Amazon could help scale.

The Future of AI Investing: Speculation and Strategy

While purely speculative for now, these under-the-radar AI crypto picks illustrate the immense potential if a deep-pocketed giant like Amazon validates the revolutionary technology. As crypto continues evolving, forward-looking investors would be wise to keep a close watch on the AI arena.

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