Top 7 Token Unlocks to Watch This Week: Avalanche (AVAX), Space ID (ID), and More

Token unlocks remain a critical event for investors to monitor. This week, several notable projects are set to release significant amounts of tokens, potentially impacting their price and overall market sentiment.

In the wake of the recent Arbitrum (ARB) unlock, which caught many investors off guard, all eyes are now on the upcoming unlocks, particularly Avalanche (AVAX). According to Coin Post, here are the top 7 token unlocks for the week.

Avalanche (AVAX) – $528.04M

Avalanche, a leading layer-1 blockchain platform, is gearing up for a massive token unlock worth $528.04 million. As one of the most significant unlocks this week, the event has the potential to greatly impact AVAX’s price action and market dynamics. Investors will be closely monitoring how the market responds to this substantial influx of tokens.

Space ID (ID) – $114.54M

Space ID, a decentralized identity protocol, is set to unlock tokens worth $114.54 million. The project aims to provide a secure and privacy-focused solution for managing digital identities across various blockchain networks. The token unlock could draw increased attention to Space ID and its potential role in the growing decentralized identity space.

ImmutableX (IMX) – $99.63M

ImmutableX, a layer-2 scaling solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum, is preparing to unlock $99.63 million worth of IMX tokens. With the NFT market showing signs of resurgence, the unlock could potentially impact the demand for IMX and the overall sentiment surrounding the project.

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Manta Network (MANTA) – $42.83M

Manta Network, a privacy-focused layer-1 blockchain built on Substrate, is set to unlock $42.83 million worth of MANTA tokens. As privacy concerns continue to grow within the cryptocurrency space, Manta Network’s unlock may attract investors seeking exposure to privacy-oriented projects.

Pixels (PIXEL) – $39.98M

Pixels, a social casual web3 game powered by the Ronin Network, is gearing up to unlock $39.98 million worth of PIXEL tokens. The unlock could potentially impact the demand for PIXEL and the overall sentiment surrounding the project as the NFT and digital art spaces continue to gain traction.

Fusionist (ACE) – $34.03M

Fusionist, a cross-chain DeFi platform, is set to unlock $34.03 million worth of ACE tokens. The unlock may draw attention to Fusionist’s efforts to facilitate interoperability and liquidity across multiple blockchain networks.

Ribbon Finance (RBN) – $31.29M

Ribbon Finance, a decentralized options protocol, is preparing to unlock $31.29 million worth of RBN tokens. As the DeFi space continues to evolve and mature, the unlock could potentially impact the demand for RBN and the overall sentiment surrounding decentralized options trading.

This week’s token unlocks showcase the diversity and growth of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, with projects spanning various sectors, including layer-1 platforms, scaling solutions, privacy protocols, and DeFi applications. As these unlocks unfold, investors and traders will be closely monitoring their impact on token prices and overall market sentiment.

While some unlocks may lead to increased selling pressure, others may serve as catalysts for renewed interest and growth. As always, it is essential for market participants to conduct thorough research and exercise caution when making investment decisions based on token unlocks.

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