Top 5 Holiday Trades – Buy These Coins Before Jan 1! 

During the holiday season, as regular markets often slow down, the crypto industry often sees increased trading activity and major price fluctuations. Many different factors drive this trend, such as year-end bonuses, holiday spending, and the overall excitement of starting a new year.

In this article, we’re focusing on the five best altcoins to buy right now, chosen for their exciting technology, partnerships, or new updates. These are Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), Polkadot ($DOT), Stacks ($STX), Fantom ($FTM), and Ordi ($ORDI). Let’s dive into what makes each one special.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX)

Galaxy Fox, which combines meme coin and GameFi components, has made great progress during its presale, raising about $2 million. Currently in stage 6, the price of GFOX is $0.001749. In total, out of a 5 billion supply, 2 billion tokens have already been sold, indicating a high degree of initial confidence and interest. 

Play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics and meme culture appeal are supported by a strong tokenomics architecture, which forms the foundation of the platform’s creative approach in the market.

Galaxy Fox’s iconic runner game, which awards the top 20% of players each season, is the focal point of the company’s ecosystem. In addition to being entertaining, this project incorporates a deflationary concept in which a percentage of tokens are burned, decreasing the overall supply and possibly raising value. 

Furthermore, the platform’s distinct position in the GameFi industry is reinforced by the Stargate feature, which accounts for 2% of all transactions and rewards stakers periodically.

With a total of 450% increase and tons of upcoming developments, Galaxy Fox is predicted to become the ERC20 coin of 2024.

Polkadot ($DOT)

With its ground-breaking multi-chain design and ability to facilitate cross-chain transfers of any kind of asset or data, Polkadot proudly sits among the best altcoins to buy. The crypto community is moving more and more toward interoperability, and $DOT is positioned to play a major role in the emerging decentralized web. 

Polkadot has shown a consistent upward movement since December 20, starting with a recovery from its $6.4 support level, which was also its lowest price in a week. The cryptocurrency has successfully crossed over the resistance marks at $7, $7.5, and $8, reaching a weekly high of $8.39 on December 24. 

Despite facing some selling pressure at this point, it managed to stay above the $7.5 support level. Presently, Polkadot is testing the $8.5 resistance level, and if it breaks through, it could aim for the higher resistance levels at $9 and $10.

Stacks ($STX)

Stacks is an ambitious project that combines cutting-edge layer-1 blockchain technology with the security of Bitcoin. $STX is a remarkable investment because of its potential for development and building a bridge between Bitcoin and DeFi, NFTs, and other platforms.

$STX saw an impressive 134% increase in its price in December, drawing the interest of both investors and traders.

As of now, the cryptocurrency is valued at approximately $1.48. Over the past year, the token has witnessed a remarkable 600% growth.

With a market capitalization exceeding $2.6 billion, $STX ranks as the 40th biggest crypto in the market.

Fantom ($FTM)

Fantom is renowned for its very fast transaction rates and extremely scalable network, all thanks to its aBFT consensus process. The importance of $FTM increases as the DeFi and larger cryptocurrency community continue to place a high priority on speed and reduced transaction costs. Fantom is more than simply a fast trade. 

With a solid basis and ongoing development, it is a strategic addition to any portfolio, especially during a holiday season that is accompanied by bullish trends.

After experiencing an 11% increase over the last week, Fantom ($FTM) has effectively surpassed the $0.47 resistance level and is currently trading at $0.50. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez points out that the $0.47 mark, once a difficult resistance, has now become a support zone for Fantom.

Ordi ($ORDI)

One of the most interesting alt coins to watch now is Ordi, a protocol within the Bitcoin network that allows users to embed content like text, images, audio, and video into individual satoshis, Bitcoin’s smallest unit. 

This process, called “inscription,” makes it possible to make one-of-a-kind digital assets like NFTs and tokens without changing Bitcoin’s core structure or adding more tokens or side chains. Since Bitcoin blocks are limited in size, most messages are text and pictures.

Predictions for the price of $ORDI range from $51.439 to $86.40, with the most bullish outlook indicating a 22.10% growth. On the other hand, the most bearish outlook predicts a decline. The outlook for the years 2024–2028 is optimistic, with a peak projection of $561.27 in 2028.


Greeting the new year with a well-diversified portfolio practically means gaining financial stability in the coming year. In this regard, Galaxy Fox is currently the most optimal choice, as its ongoing presale phase brings some generous financial returns to investors.

$GFOX is about to close its stage 6, with over 83% coins sold and, in total, over $2 million raised. Investor interest is heating up, and with several exciting developments ahead, Galaxy Fox is securing its spot among the best altcoins to buy. But wise investors will get in early during the presale stage before the price skyrocket on the open retail market.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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