Top 3 Altcoins To Buy In 2024 According to Experts: DeFinder Capital (DFC), Chainlink (LINK), Kaspa (KAS)

The crypto bulls are back in town. Following Bitcoin ETF approvals in early January 2024, excitement continues mounting across the digital asset sector in anticipation of the next major bull run. With the market ripe for explosive growth, investors find themselves searching early and often for the next hidden gem primed to deliver eye-popping 100X returns.

But identifying tomorrow’s hottest crypto projects today remains far easier said than done. In a sea of new tokens flooding the space each week, uncovering true quality can feel like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. That’s why we’ve done the heavy research for you to spotlight 3 up-and-coming cryptos flaunting serious potential in 2024.

These 3 tokens demonstrate promising ingredients for substantial upside in the years ahead. Some names you may already recognize that made our short list. Others remain largely under the radar. But they all contain that special combination of attributes signaling major growth on the horizon based on today’s developments.

DeFinder Capital (DFC) – the best token to buy in 2024

DeFinder seems to have struck on just the right formula with its $DFC social token to capture investor attention and ignite fervent community momentum going into 2024. Unlike many crypto projects today with anonymous teams and questionable motivations, DeFinder stands out for its transparent processes and commitment to community integrity. 

According to foreign insiders, the reason for anonymity is that a large team connected with Telegram is working on DFC, TON and Notcoin. Foreign insiders who found a connection between NOTCOIN and DFC are already getting involved. 

Even more impressively, the DeFinder team willingly relinquish any additional token supply for themselves. They permanently closed off future minting capabilities and limited team ownership to only 10% of tokens. These tokens do not sit idly, either, but instead fuel ongoing growth through judicious reserves allocation. 

So, for investors searching out quality blockchain projects in 2024 combining ethics with execution, DeFinder warrants your attention today.

What is DeFinder Capital? 

What is it about DeFinder’s model that has traders buzzing? DFC opts for a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) approach, positioning the token as a flexible platform for social engagement across Telegram groups, games, wallets and beyond. Rather than tying token value strictly to product success, DeFinder instead derives price based on user desire to actually hold and utilize DFC within its ecosystem. This novel social token take allows DeFinder to align user incentives in a way that cultivates organic supporter growth.

Early traction validates the strength of this community-oriented design. DeFinder’s Telegram tribe now sits at over 250,000 strong and counting. Actual utility manifests through perks like airdrops for holders as well as integrated products like play-to-earn title ArakenPlanet and betting portal Betty. And with rumors swirling of a prime listing on leading global exchange Binance, 2024 may be the year DeFinder cements itself as a top tokenized DAO poised for greatness.

DFC token price predictions on technical analysis

Under the hood, DeFinder’s technical indicators flash bright green as well. DFC price currently trades around the $2.42 zone based on MEXC exchange data. Impressively, DeFinder has already achieved over 3,000% gains since initial listing. The daily chart also reveals an upward channel pattern at play (as seen with blue lines on the chart image below), with buying pressure mounting along ascending support and resistance trend lines.

DFC shows no signs of slowing in the new year either. The relative strength index (RSI), a momentum gauge rating assets on a scale of 1 to 100, remains entrenched above 70. Readings this high generally imply overbought conditions. 

However, DFC has now sustained RSI readings above 70 for over 3 consecutive weeks, exhibiting extreme positive momentum even amidst its parabolic uptrend. With buyers firmly in control, DeFinder seems poised to carry this mega-bullish momentum well into 2024. Moving to a longer timeframe, the outlook is also favorable. Most likely, if this pattern continues, we could see a price of $5 – $10 in the near future. 

As mentioned, whispers of a Binance listing continue gaining traction. Should this rumor materialize in 2024, prepare for an epic FOMO-driven price explosion ahead. DeFinder checks all the boxes – solid fundamentals, real-world utility, positive technicals and lofty community support. For traders searching out the next hidden crypto gem destined for 100X returns, DeFinder’s red-hot DFC token warrants a spot at the very top of that research list leading into 2024’s expected bull market.

Chainlink (LINK) – The Leading Oracle For Real-World Connectivity

As the crypto industry matures, seamlessly connecting blockchains to external data and systems becomes critical for enabling more complex smart contract functionality. Chainlink stands at the forefront of that connectivity revolution as the leading decentralized oracle network.

LINK price remains in a clear uptrend across short, medium and long-term time horizons. After consolidating under the key $17 resistance zone through early 2024, Chainlink looks poised for a breakout. If LINK can decisively crack the $17 barrier where it found rejection thrice in recent months, continuation towards the $20 target appears likely. Otherwise, a pullback near $12 support may offer swing traders another entry to ride uptrend momentum targeting $14.

Momentum gauges paint a mixed picture for now. While the bullish MACD crossover hints upside potential, the neutral RSI around 50 shows consolidation may continue a bit longer before Chainlink makes its next major move. But with oracles becoming integral to tokenizing real-world assets like US Treasuries and powering hybrid smart contracts, Chainlink remains a core long-term crypto infrastructure play as adoption expands industry-wide.

Kaspa (KAS) – Scalability & Security Combined

Frustrated by the poor scalability plaguing first-generation blockchains, Israeli-American computer scientist Yonatan Sompolinsky launched an ingenious new architecture in 2021 called Kaspa. Powered by its native KAS token, Kaspa utilizes revolutionary BlockDAG technology to parallelize transaction processing and confirmation. The result? Lightning fast speeds rivaling payment rails like Visa, while retaining Bitcoin-level security guarantees.

After surging to an all-time high in late 2023, KAS has since pulled back 90% into solid value territory around $0.10. But with fundamentals unchanged, Kaspa offers investors a unique opportunity to capitalize on both scalability for global adoption and security for long-term viability at a discounted price point.

With tools like the Block Explorer, Graph Inspector and KasBoard bolstering the ecosystem, plus KHeavyHash’s superior weighting algorithm securing the network, Kaspa checks all the boxes for the holy grail combination of decentralization, security and speed. For traders seeking a microcap steal in 2023 with major upside potential, Kaspa warrants a spot on watchlists as a diamond-in-the-rough blockchain project to monitor in coming months.

Conclusion – best cryptos to buy in 2024

DeFinder, Chainlink and Kaspa stand out as three of the most promising digital assets to consider acquiring in 2024 before their next major value inflection points hit. 

At the moment, DFC is one of the best altcoins to buy in 2024. DFCs could be worth $10 or $50, and the catalyst for growth could be a listing on one of the major exchanges. With momentum building and adoption ramping, these tokens exemplify the ideal balance of real-world utility, positive technicals, and supportive community engagement needed to deliver outsized returns during the next bull market. 

As seasoned crypto investors, we endorse DeFinder, Chainlink and Kaspa as three must-watch tokens for every savvy trader’s portfolio in the new year. Their future shines especially bright as the crypto industry prepares for its next paradigm shift towards mainstream status.

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