Toncoin (TON) Gets Huge Investment from Crypto Exchange MEXC. Could BTCS be Next?

The MEXC crypto and derivatives exchange investment arm, MEXC Ventures, has invested eight figures in Toncoin. The estimated amount is more than $10 million allocated to the TON infrastructure to spearhead the development of various Ton-powered mini projects. These projects include the incoming Megaton Finance, Sonet, Fanzee, and TONplay. While Toncoin attracts millions of dollars from investors, BTCS is gaining attention from retail and institutional investors.

What is Toncoin

Toncoin is the native digital currency of the TON network, also called the Telegram Open Network. The digital asset was formerly known as Gram before the platform’s developers rebranded in 2020. Toncoin was founded in 2018 as a telegram messaging application.

The network uses the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to validate transactions and verify the addition of new blocks. The initial purpose of TON’s development was to create an easy-to-use platform for buying, sending, and storing digital currencies. 

Bitcoin Spark Price prediction

Toncioin’s huge eight-figure investment deal comes amid imminent BItcoin Spark’s success in its initial coin offering. Bitcoin Spark is a new entrant in the crypto ecology that has garnered much interest from Web3 enthusiasts. Experts believe the project is on its way to becoming the best crypto asset in 2023. Bitcoin Spark’s ICO event is seeing massive buyouts of the platform’s native digital asset, BTCS.

Bitcoin Spark is different from other DeFi projects. The platform is debuting a high-performance network with high transaction speeds and low transaction costs. The developers have decreased the blockchain’s block time and increased its block capacity to achieve the high transaction speeds needed to make the network more scalable and conducive for Web3 operations.

One of the most special attributes of the incoming Bitcoin Spark network is its improved network validation method that features proof of work and proof of stake. The proof of process consensus makes the network lightweight to remove most of the entry barriers in the mining ecosystems of proof of work blockchains.

The main attractive feature of the proof of process consensus is mining BTCS. Mining BTCS will involve solving less complicated mathematical equations to develop the desired computations of approving transactions and confirming new blocks.

Miners in the Spark mainnet will play a major role in the platform’s outlay plan of creating a gasless network that charges zero transaction fees for participants regardless of the amount being transacted. The mining layer of the Bitcoin Spark network will accommodate the process of trapping idle processing power that will be sent to Bitcoin Spark clientele in exchange for BTCS tokens, earning the platform income. 

The network will also improvise another income-generating source through an advertisement campaign. Less obstructed spaces will be isolated on the platform’s website and software applications to develop ad slots that users will purchase in BTCS to air their products and services to the Bitcoin Spark community. All these features make Bitcoin Spark a competitive Web3 platform, putting it at the forefront of innovation and virtual development. 

To know more about the passive income generator, Bitcoin Spark (BTCS):

Website | Buy BTCS

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