Token Presale for New Bitcoin Alternative Surges Towards 1.2-Million Tokens Sold — Top ICO Still Fire Hot

The token presale for Mollars, a new Bitcoin alternative, is still seeing massive surges in buying activity.  The store-of-value asset, which is set to have lower transaction fees than the $BTC [coin], is nearing 1.2-million tokens sold today.  If it surpasses this amount, the ICO event of this cryptocurrency will have successfully sold over 110,000 tokens two days in a row and shows a growing demand.

The Mollars ($MOLLARS) tokens were only selling 85,000 tokens daily just a week ago per reports.   The importance of this surge in demand is for price predictions both short-term and long.

Total Token Supply To Be Sold 40/60

The Total Token Supply for the ICO stage is 4-million.   The complete amount of tokens to be minted ever is 10-million [total].   40% of the new Bitcoin-alternative is being made available to early investors at a discounted rate, while the other 60% will be put on public crypto exchanges.   The listing day price for Mollars is $0.62 cents.   The initial day of listing, ICO investors will see ROI yields of up to +102%, earning $102 take-home profits per $100 invested.

However, Crypto Whales and Sharks aren’t fighting for the “top 5 holder’ status without reason. The short-term profits are miniscule in comparison to long-term profit predictions.

Token Price Predictions of +20x to +44x

Ari, host of digital currency YouTube broadcast “Crypto News,” calls the token’s ROI potential ‘explosive.’     The prominent crypto analyst, who works for the umbrella, suggests up to 20x ROI should be expected. That’s $20,000 ROI yields per $1000 invested. Far different from the 102% ROI yields from listing day benefits, the Crypto News host is projecting up to +2000% profit yields .

Ari’s projections are not the only forecasts of major returns for Mollars.  An independent Decentralized finance analyst for BPE gave suggestions of 44x returns if the token presale’s demand was maintained.    

The latest statistics on token buy activity have shown not only a maintenance for demand but also a positive increase, since that projection.   The total token supply of Mollars could sell out in 54 days of the presale’s close if the daily average of 110,000 sales is kept up.

A faster sell out would mean the +4400% ROI yields would be seen earlier than foreseen.

The surge in demand for this new Bitcoin-alternative likely comes from two factors.   

Building A New Blockchain or Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

First,  The Mollars project developer(s) announced the token would be required for a new native blockchain or crypto DEX [decentralized cryptocurrency exchange].   The final choice will likely be announced in the coming weeks.

Either of the two web3 products have massive upsides for the branding and token value.   Both blockchains and decentralized exchanges have been known to pump hundreds-of-millions into cryptocurrencies, raising token values by extreme amounts — even up to +40,000,000%.

Professional Auditors Certify Mollars Can Be Trusted

Second, the project has gotten positive verification from two credible sources. Ari from the Crypto News broadcast told traders the ICO could be trusted.  Also,  crypto auditor Cyberscope, did a full audit of the token presale and its smart contract, certifying the tokenomics and trading data is 100% accurate.   

Between the two co-signs for the project in terms of legitimacy, any “FUD” or doubt has washed away for investors. That  may be the reason, daily token sales averages leapt by +25% this week.

Regardless of reasons, the demand has increased.  The Mollars token remains ‘fire hot’ and a top ICO of 2024 for investors.   There’s still far more cryptos shrimps than whales and sharks investing but smart money appears to have consumed at least 25% of tokens sold thus far.   

The thrill of this ICO is big and the rewards could be bigger.   “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned,” is a quote for gambler but in crypto, perhaps “44x your money invested won is 88 times sweeter than money earned” is more applicable.  

Get real-time updates on the Mollars token presale via the official website.  View a recently released video explaining the new Bitcoin alternative below.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

Rene Peters is editor-in-chief of CaptainAltcoin and is responsible for editorial planning and business development. After his training as an accountant, he studied diplomacy and economics and held various positions in one of the management consultancies and in couple of digital marketing agencies. He is particularly interested in the long-term implications of blockchain technology for politics, society and the economy.