Three Essential Cryptocurrencies for 2024: Meme Moguls (MGLS), Kaspa (KAS), and THORChain (RUNE)

With thousands of potential investments, getting involved in DeFi can be overwhelming. Instead of spending hours searching for the right opportunity, new investors can choose Meme Moguls, Kaspa, and THORChain. These rapidly growing ecosystems have already offered significant returns for investors in 2023, and are now poised for further growth in 2024. 

How High Will Meme Moguls Go In 2024?

Meme Moguls investors are preparing for the end of the project’s presale on February 28. Having already offered 90% returns during its first 5 presale rounds, analysts believe Meme Moguls could experience significant post-launch growth. 

The project’s utility token, $MGLS, is selling for $0.0038. Tokens are expected to hit $0.0042 before the end of the Meme Moguls and could hit $0.005 within a week of the project’s launch. Furthermore, bullish experts predict that $MGLS could increase to $0.19 within a year, offering 100x returns for early presale investors. 

Such large returns have put Meme Moguls in the spotlight, and now the games community is growing faster than ever. In the last week alone, Meme Moguls has gained hundreds of new investors, and the project has raised an additional $200,000, taking its total raised to $2.19 million. 

Over the next week, Meme Moguls will showcase a preview of its upcoming game. This game will empower players by teaching them how to invest in a virtual stock market. Here, players will build virtual meme-based portfolios, placing them in the game’s leaderboard, and meet other players in a wide range of game options. 

On March 11, Meme Moguls will start phase 1 of its game launch, during which investors will be able to immerse themselves in a unique, exciting, and new P2E ecosystem. Given the anticipation surrounding the project, Meme Moguls is expected to become a big hit and could disrupt the P2E market. 

Will Kaspa Surge Following New Wallet Integration? 

Kaspa was one of the best-performing DeFi projects in 2023. Its value surged by 1374%, pushing Kaspa into the top 40 ranked crypto projects. This outstanding performance has helped Kaspa to catch the attention of popular analysts such as CryptoOG, who have praised the altcoin for its price performance. 

CryptoOG is extremely bullish on Kaspa and predicts that it could reach $3 to $5 during the next cryptocurrency bull run. Such growth would make Kaspa one of the world’s best-performing cryptocurrencies, offering higher returns than many of the market’s top projects. 

After a minor correction over the last week, Kaspa announced a new integration with Kaspa will now be available on the platform, and investors can use Kaspa wallets to trade assets. This new partnership significantly enhances the Kaspa ecosystem and makes the cryptocurrency easily accessible to thousands of new investors. 

THORChain Developers Propose Burning 60M Tokens

After decreasing by 10% in January, THORChain developers proposed that 30 million RUNE tokens be burned from the Standby Reserve fund. This represents 12% of the total THORChain (RUNE) supply and would help enhance THORChain’s lending capabilities.  

According to THORChain developer @Pluto9r on X, this proposal would make THORChain the “world’s deepest BTC pool.” However, the proposal has been met with mixed reactions throughout the THORChain community, with many rejecting it.  

While some investors agree that burning THORChain tokens could improve the platform’s lending capacity, others argue that this is a big assumption to make. THORChain developers further argued that burning tokens would increase the value of the remaining RUNE. However, investors remain split on the decision 

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) Presale: 

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