This Wallet Jumped from $10,000 to $526,000 in one Month: 3 Coins Are Involved

Just a month ago, a particular crypto wallet was valued at a mere $10,000. Today, it has skyrocketed to an impressive $526,000. So, what did this crypto whale invest in to achieve such remarkable gains? Let’s dive into some research and learn how to stay safe with Bubblemaps.

This article is based on a recent analysis by @belizardd, an emerging crypto thread analyst on Twitter.

The Power of $RFD (Refund)

The whale’s wallet saw a significant increase due to the trades of $RFD. The whale earned a staggering $374,646 from all $RFD trades, and his unrealized profit stands at $9,557. He continues to hold a substantial amount of $RFD, suggesting potential positive news on the horizon.

The whale’s first purchase of $RFD was on May 19th. Just two days later, $RFD was listed on CoinMarketCap, and its impressive gains began. This savvy investor made a 5x return in just a few days, turning $81,990 into $390,000.

However, $RFD doesn’t seem promising to some. Numerous interconnected wallets with green bubbles indicate potential risks. If these wallets were to sell, it could spell disaster. It’s worth noting that Mexc and Gate hold some of their tokens.

The Rise of $PEPE

The whale has also made significant earnings from $PEPE trades, totaling an impressive $251,272. His unrealized profit currently stands at $102,765. Interestingly, the profit generated from $PEPE trades might even surpass that of $RFD trades, but only if he decides to sell all $PEPE tokens.

The whale’s first purchase of $PEPE was on April 15th. Two days later, $PEPE was listed on CoinMarketCap, and by April 28th, $PEPE’s impressive gains began. The whale made a staggering 900x return in just 18 days, turning $300 into $270,000.

However, about 10% of all tokens are stored on unknown wallets, posing a potential risk for $PEPE holders.

The Insight of $WOJAK

The whale’s realized profit from all $WOJAK trades is $94,027. This whale appears to be an insider with valuable information that few are privy to. He had the foresight to buy memecoins before the impressive gains started.

“In my opinion, the token appears to carry a low risk. It’s worth noting that Mexc and Gate hold 25% of $WOJAK.” says @belizardd

The whale’s first purchase of $WOJAK was on April 15th. Three days later, $WOJAK was listed on CoinMarketCap, and by April 28th, $WOJAK’s impressive gains began. This whale got a 9.4x return on the $10,000 that he invested, turning $10,000 into $94,000. He sold half of the tokens almost at the all-time high (ATH).

The Whale’s Wallet

For those interested in further analysis, the whale’s wallet address is: 0x7431931094e8bae1ecaa7d0b57d2284e121f760e.

This analysis provides a fascinating insight into the strategies and potential risks associated with crypto trading. As always, it’s essential to do your research and stay informed about potential red flags when investing in cryptocurrencies.

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