This Is When the Long-Awaited Bitcoin (BTC) Mega Rally Will Start

Crypto expert EtherNasyonaL has revealed his insights on when the next major bitcoin rally will occur and what is driving the recurring boom-and-bust cycles.

In a recent post, EtherNasyonaL stated that the mega rally, which has followed previous bitcoin halvings, will repeat in 2024. He expects the rally to start in Q2 2024.

What is Driving the Bitcoin Cycles?

Unlike fiat currencies that central banks can print freely, the amount of bitcoin in circulation increases at a fixed and predictable rate due to its coded supply limit of 21 million.

EtherNasyonaL explained that traditional fiat money printing by central banks causes inflation and uncertainty. Bitcoin’s algorithmically controlled supply increases rather than political decisions make its monetary policy more certain.

This certainty around bitcoin’s supply over time is a key driver of the boom-and-bust cycles tied to the halvings.

Halvings are pre-programmed events that cut the bitcoin mining reward in half. They happen roughly every four years and severely limit new bitcoin supply after each halving.

With demand increasing and new supply slowing, this scarcity pushes the bitcoin price higher. It eventually peaks and then crashes once the frenzied speculation becomes unsustainable.

But the mining reward halvings ensure the supply shocks and shortage of new bitcoin persists, replenishing the conditions for another mega rally in four years.

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EtherNasyonaL believes this predictable cycle will repeat post-halving in 2024 like it has twice before. If his prediction is correct, bitcoin investors may need to endure the crypto winter for another year before the next major bull run gets underway.

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