This Indicator Signals $0.40 as Kaspa’s Next Price Target, as Great Power House Starts Accumulating KAS

According to recent posts by crypto industry experts Leiner and Simo 𐤊rypto ∞/28.7B on Twitter, the decentralized blockchain project Kaspa (KAS) could be gearing up for significant price growth in the near future.

Pointing to Technical Indicators

As Leiner points out, “Now, looking at the logarithmic chart, $0.40 is the next target for $KAS according to the Fibonacci tool. Oversold levels in the indicator suggest that historically, #Kaspa tends to rise from these points. It may not happen immediately, but it’s inevitable.

He notes that based on technical analysis of Kaspa’s price charts, the next likely price target is around $0.40, representing potential upside of over 100% from current levels. The oversold nature of the indicators suggests a reversal could be coming after a period of declines.

While timing is uncertain, the analysis indicates Kaspa is fundamentally positioned for a rise to $0.40 or higher in the future. This highlights the long-term investment potential even amid recent volatility.

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China Driving Accumulation

In addition to the technical outlook, Simo points to strong fundamental trends that could support a rally. He states that “China is the great power that is accumulating #Kaspa,” adding that “The Chinese understand what a true decentralized and permissionless network looks like.”

Simo argues interest in China is shifting away from Bitcoin and towards Kaspa as they recognize it represents the ideals of decentralization more effectively. He concludes, “Now their focus has shifted on $Kas. #Bitcoin doesn’t even pop up in their minds anymore.

The Wealth Effect in Action

If these assessments prove accurate, it demonstrates the wealth effect cryptos can have. As leading investors and regions like China build positions in promising projects like Kaspa in the early stages, it lays the groundwork for the next wave of growth.

This highlights why forward-thinking portfolio allocation matters so much in crypto. Identifying and backing the right technical architectures and use cases early can multiply returns over the long run.

Both analysts suggest now could be an opportune time to participate before accelerated accumulation unfolds. As Simo concludes, “Last 2 years data. Don’t trust, verify.” By looking at the trends in motion right now, investors can position themselves accordingly before the next bullish impulse kicks into gear.

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