This epic tweetstorm by Ethereum’s co-founder Joe Lubin is panacea for the bear market

Joseph Lubin is one of the faces of the whole blockchain space. The co-founder of Ethereum and founder of ConsenSys took to Twitter to remind the whole blockchain community what are the core values that brought us together and how everyone has a role in pushing the blockchain movement, as he dubbed it, forward.

This awesome Twitter rant started off with emphasis on the growth we are seeing across many projects in crypto space and that prices don’t reflect activity. The tweetstorm was so tremendous that rephrasing it would do it disservice so here it is in its entirety:

Market cap doesn’t reflect activity. Decentralized networks are growing. -10B+ daily API requests served by @infura_io -1M+ @trufflesuite downloads -1M+ @metamask_io downloads -12K+ live @Ethereum nodes -48M+ unique #Ethereum addresses -3x @LinkedIn #blockchain job openings

Blockchains are solving real-world problems. Governments get it. -Israel’s encrypted messaging system -Estonia’s electronic healthcare record trials -Dubai’s 2020 initiative -South Africa Reserve Bank’s @goquorum trial -Japan’s e-voting system -Zug @uport_me IDs + crypto ATMs

Enterprises get it. -@EY_US puts zero-knowledge proofs on #Ethereum -@Kaleido_io plugs into

@awscloud & @Azure -@ProcterGamble, @GSK & @BHP are tracking goods on Ethereum -@Hyperledger & @EntEthAlliance join forces -@MorganStanley declares crypto a new institutional asset class.

Developing nations are employing blockchain tech to leapfrog outdated financial systems. -The Philippines is connecting rural banks via a crypto-cash payment system -Chile is using #Ethereum to track energy data -Cryptoassets are protecting millions against hyperinflation

#Blockchain projects are bringing relief to people who need it most. -@ConsenSysImpact & Project Bifrost -@HalaSystems early threat detection -Blockchain-authenticated food vouchers for Syrian refugees -@ethBounties ocean cleanup in Manila -Much more on

And now we all have the tools to protect our own data. -Private, secure, and fast browsing with @brave -@ethStatus mobile dApp browser and wallet -@uport_me’s vision of the self-sovereign future -@civickey authentication solutions -@evernym trusted identity infrastructure

The blockchain ecosystem is interoperable and working together. -StandardBounties + @GetGitcoin -@AirSwap + @Opera + @MeridioRE -@AragonProject, @DharmaProtocol, and @ZeppelinOrg on @kauri_io -@polkadotnetwork interchain protocol -BTC Relay -@cosmos parallel blockchains network

We have standards that allow us to #BUIDL together and towards common goals. -Token standards: ERC-20, 721, 948, @1337alliance -Enterprise standards: @EntEthAlliance spec 2.0 -File storage: @ethswarm, @IPFSbot -Naming: @ensdomains -Messaging: Whisper

We have tools. So. Many. Dev. Tools. -@infura_io’s secure, reliable, and scalable access to Ethereum and IPFS. -@trufflesuite development made easy -Pantheon from @PegaSysEng joins the client game -@Kaleido_io blockchain business cloud -@awscloud -@Azure -@ZeppelinOrg -Relayers

Everyday we are coming up with more concrete solutions to the hardest problems around #blockchain infrastructure. -zk-SNARKS -Pedersen commitments -Bulletproofs -Stablecoins -Oracles -Atomic swaps -Light clients -Hardware wallets

UI gets friendlier and more beautiful by the day. Mobile is here. -@CoinbaseWallet -@MessariCrypto token research -Rimble design system from @ConsensysDesign -@AlethioEthstats analytics suite -@numerai Erasure data marketplace -@CasaHODL multisig wallets -@MyCrypto -@etherscan

The technology is still so nascent and will mature with every upgrade and obstacle tackled. Scaling solutions are coming. -Sharding -Casper -Plasma -State channels -@raiden_network -Improved consensus algos

The #blockchain space is full of open source heroes. We stand on the shoulders of giants. -Satoshi gave us the code -@aantonop keeps advocating the cause -@VitalikButerin cares more about the ecosystem than personal fame -@tayvano_ gave us a free interface for Ethereum wallets

The crypto community is so weird and amazing. -People breed digital @CryptoKitties -@RickandMorty speak blockchain -@NeerajKA’s wisdom-filled memes -Bountied songs about @WilliamShatner -@VitalikButerin and his famous t-shirts -@ChurchOfConsens, @ravecon0, @artifaqts wut

Decentralization is not just technological. It is social. Organizations are evolving. -Bridgewater’s radical transparency -@Zappos flat hierarchy -Valve’s rolling desk mentality -Remote-first companies are tapping into global talent -@ethBounties’s global freelance economy

I believe in #blockchain technology because of the people behind it. The developers, engineers, and technologists who #BUIDL The smart contract experts who audit and secure the code The designers who care deeply about user experience The marketers who tell the story of Web3

The gamers that play around with dice, kitties, and dApps The people at legacy institutions who demand their firms innovate The kids that take the time to create @metamask_io accounts for their parents The professors and academics who pioneer advancements in cryptography

The Reddit, Twitter, and social media users (trolls too) that broadcast the message of decentralization The advocates and enthusiasts who adopt and believe in #blockchain The nameless individuals who transact across the network and prove the protocol’s merits every single day

I still believe. Alright enough tweetstorming. Let’s get back to work.

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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

Phil Traugott is a staff writer at CaptainAltcoin. As a trained marketing specialist for copywriting and creative campaigns, he has been advising top companies on the following topics: online marketing, SEO and software branding for more than 10 years. The topic of crypto currencies is becoming increasingly important for companies and investors and he found it very alluring and fitting for his skillset which prompted him to pivot his career towards blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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