This Altcoin May 100x During Ethereum Lead Bullrun

Among the total existing virtual currencies, Ethereum is considered a pivotal aspect of the Web3 community. Vitalik Buterin and his compatriots developed the digital platform with the aim of enabling digital currency enthusiasts to have an opportunity to develop their decentralized applications (dApps). 

Ethereum has since then garnered many venture capitalists and individual investors. Nonetheless, there is a new crypto project that has created massive waves in the distributed ledger. BitcoinSpark is the new inauguration stated to provide massive development in the blockchain. 

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a digital currency developed by Vitalik Buterin and other members. After the departure of other founders, Vitalik sought to promote the development of the decentralized network to provide means where programmers could create applications on top of the mainnet. The platform has its native token, ETH, which acts as a governing tool for the ecosystem. ETH is also utilized for awarding participants who partake in the development of the platform. 

Is Ethereum a Good Investment?

Ethereum is regarded as one of the pivotal digital assets in terms of market cap. The network has had more large-scale and retail investors partake in the development of the project. The decentralized ecosystem has had more gains since its innovations. Cryptocurrency analysts believe the token will develop amid the next bull run. 

Bitcoin Spark to Outshine Ethereum

Bitcoin Spark is a new decentralized platform that will take over the crypto sphere in a sporadic manner. The distributed ledger network has already garnered whales from other digital networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The platform has been audited by Cognitos and Contract Wolf, among the most comprehensive auditing companies embedded in blockchain technology. 

The two auditing organizations have done a thorough check on the platform’s smart contract operation and KYC. Among the most vital elements that Bitcoin Spark has depicted to surpass is the inauguration of a clear and precise roadmap. The roadmap contains details of an emerging development of the project.

The new platform aims to improve blockchain users’ ability to communicate and conduct transactions with other blockchain networks. The platform has a unique bridging system that allows BTCS to be the only bridgeable asset of the network. 

The platform has already established liquidity pools on networks including Polygon and Ethereum. The new decentralized network will have a bridgeable deflationary system that will be confined with a burning mechanism that burns bridgeable BTCS. This is to avoid overflow of the tokens. 

The platform also seeks to promote user entrance into blockchain technology with its referral program. The referral program seeks to provide a scheme for users to earn $10 for referring individuals who purchase more than $60 in the ecosystem. Moreover, the project doesn’t inhibit anyone from generating more income through commissions.

In addition, Bitcoin Spark has a unique revenue-generating system, unlike other developing digital currency platforms. The new decentralized platform uses advertising and rendering processing power to organizations and individuals who need it. The processing power is acquired from the validator nodes. The team will then take 3% of the revenue from processing power and 50% from the income earned from advertising. 

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