These Altcoins Will Benefit From Bitcoin ETF Approvals!

According to crypto analytics firm altFINS, the potential approval of Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs by the SEC could bring billions of dollars of new capital into the cryptocurrency sector. This influx of funds would likely boost the prices of top altcoins that relate to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

altFINS notes that while the SEC has previously approved Bitcoin and Ethereum futures ETFs, spot ETFs would be different. Spot ETF managers would use investor money to directly purchase the underlying cryptocurrencies, driving up demand and prices.

With new retail and institutional money expected to flood into crypto if spot ETFs get the green light, altFINS believes the following altcoins stand to benefit the most:

Bitcoin ($BTC)

As the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin would see increased demand from spot ETF managers looking to purchase it. Additional demand could propel Bitcoin’s price higher. Recent growth in transaction fees and miners’ revenue also underscores Bitcoin’s continued innovation and use cases.

Stacks ($STX)

The Stacks blockchain enables smart contracts and dApps to be built on Bitcoin. Its Proof of Transfer consensus rewards Bitcoin holders for participating, incentivizing Bitcoin activity. As more capital enters Bitcoin, products like Stacks facilitating new use cases will likely flourish.


ALEX is a DeFi protocol on the Stacks blockchain, aiming to bring productive financial services to Bitcoin. With over $1 trillion in dormant Bitcoin market cap, ALEX seeks to unlock this capital by enabling lending, trading, and other activities.

Arbitrum ($ARB)

The leading Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, Arbitrum facilitates faster and cheaper Ethereum transactions. With Ethereum activity and fees still frequently high, interest in scaling providers like Arbitrum would rise if an Ethereum spot ETF is approved.

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Optimism ($OP)

Similar to Arbitrum, Optimism is a Layer 2 rollup provider improving Ethereum’s throughput. Its significant TVL and market share mean it too would likely benefit from an influx of capital to Ethereum.

Lido Finance ($LDO)

By enabling easy and liquid Ethereum staking, Lido is a prime target for investors looking to put Ethereum spot ETF capital to productive use. As the top Ethereum staking provider, an ETF approval would be a boon for Lido.

Rocket Pool ($RPL)

Rocket Pool allows decentralized Ethereum staking at a retail level, boosting access to staking rewards. Alongside Lido, Rocket Pool provides an easy avenue for ETF capital to tap into Ethereum returns.

This covers some of the top altcoins well-positioned to capitalize on the increased investor interest should SEC approve the long-awaited spot Bitcoin and Ethereum ETFs. With potentially billions in inflows around the corner, the crypto sector eagerly awaits the SEC’s ruling.

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