The Rise of Green Crypto: Discover Two Altcoins with the Ability to Multiply Your Investment While Combating Climate Change

A new wave of environmentally conscious projects has emerged that are harnessing the power of Web3 to combat climate change. These groundbreaking ventures present lucrative investment opportunities and empower investors to actively contribute to the fight against global warming, propelling our world towards a more sustainable future.

Within this ESG-friendly sector, two notable projects have captured the attention of eager investors, drawn to their innovative approach of leveraging blockchain and Web3 technology. These groundbreaking ventures are rapidly gaining momentum by ingeniously providing rewards for positive ecological action, providing passive income streams that fuel charitable initiatives, and spearheading revolutionary advancements in transportation systems across developing nations to reduce carbon emissions.

Delve deeper into the realm of ESG-friendly projects and uncover why investors are flocking to these green crypto platforms. Discover their intuitive mechanisms that not only yield financial growth but also set the foundation to establish a greener world.

A Quick Overview of the Rising Green Cryptos Poised to Push Sustainability:

  1. Ecoterra – A groundbreaking recycle-to-earn platform using GameFi mechanics to reward users for recycling.
  2. Chimpzee – Using Web3 to help combat climate change through charitable donations while providing passive income.

Ecoterra – Groundbreaking Recycle2Earn Application

Ecoterra has created a groundbreaking recycle-to-earn application that cleverly takes the GameFi mechanics from play-to-earn ecosystems to create a platform that rewards people for taking positive action on climate change.

The project aims to encourage the recycling process to fight global warming and prevent climate change by educating the public on the need for recycling and incentivizing them to do it. Users are rewarded every time they recycle so long as they follow all the steps outlined in the Recycle2Earn application.

Three Simple Steps to Earn Rewards

The platform has made it extremely easy to start earning rewards through recycling, making it possible in three simple steps; scan, recycle, and earn.

The first step is to scan the barcode on recyclable items, such as plastic, glass, and aluminum. After scanning, the AI-powered database will find an instant patch to provide a quote on potential rewards that can be earned for recycling.

Next, the application will direct users to the nearest Reverse Vending Machine (RVM), available in most metropolitan cities – usually at supermarkets. Users simply need to deposit their items in the RVM to complete their step in the recycling process.

The last step is to upload a picture of the receipt received from the RVM to the Recycle2Earn application to earn the rewards.

Earn Through More Ways Than Recycling

Although the flagship feature for Ecoterra is the Recycle2Earn application, the ecosystem also contains a range of other ecological actions that can provide rewards.

For example, a carbon offset marketplace allows users to offset their carbon footprints through fully verified carbon credits in a partnership with VERA. In addition, a recycled materials marketplace enables users to connect with companies worldwide to purchase recycled materials with the biggest environmental impact. Users can pay with ECOTERRA for these services or with crypto or fiat on the application.

The presale for Ecoterra continues to gather momentum as investors look to position themselves in the platform as early as possible before the token goes public on exchanges. So far, the fundraising has reached the $5.5 million milestone as it continues to approach its $6.7 million hard cap target.

This is the last stage in the presale, so you’ll need to be quick to get positioned if you’re interested in this revolutionary recycle-to-earn ecosystem.

Chimpzee – Earn a Passive Income and Donate to Charity

Another green crypto making significant progress in its mission to help prevent climate change is Chimpzee, a groundbreaking Web3 project on a mission to revolutionize how individuals contribute to charity while simultaneously earning a passive income.

The ecosystem is designed to consistently provide financial contributions to charity while simultaneously providing all holders of the token and its NFT with a passive income. The presale for the project has already managed to raise over $600,000 in a short time, allowing the team to honor their pledge by planting trees and contributing to organizations that are protecting wildlife.

Passive Income Through Three Intuitive Pillars

The ecosystem consists of three integrated pillars cleverly designed to provide users with a passive income while providing financial contributions to charities.

The first pillar is the Shop2Earn product, the central commerce center in the ecosystem that allows users to spend CHMPZ tokens on goods and commodities unique to the Chimpzee Store. Users can earn CHMPZ while shopping, and a percentage of the profits are donated to worthwhile organizations focused on protecting nature and saving wildlife.

The second pillar is the Trade2Earn product, an NFT marketplace that will be one of the first marketplaces that share a portion of the trading profits with everyone on the platform. Users can list their NFTs here alongside the project’s NFTs; environmentally-focused NFTs will be featured on the main page. In addition, users can trade the Chimpzee Diamond Passport here, which is essential to earning the most passive income in the ecosystem.

The Diamond Passport NFT is only made available to those participating in the first presale stage, and it unlocks a wide range of benefits and rewards, including a higher share of the NFT marketplace trading fees and the ability to stake CHMPZ for 20% APY.

The final pillar is the Play2Earn product, which allows users to play the Chimpzee Zero Tolerance Game and earn rewards for achieving certain milestones. This is the main entertainment component of the ecosystem, and users earn CHMPZ tokens as they progress. Furthermore, players holding the NFT receive boosted rewards.

Notable Contributions Already Happening During Presale

The best part about the project is that the team is already showing its genuine intentions by making remarkable charitable contributions, even before its presale has ended.

The first sizable contribution was made when the presale hit its second raise goal, allowing the team to donate $15,000 through The Giving Block to WILD Foundation to be used to help the rangers that are protecting one of the world’s last herds of desert-adapted elephants – providing them with the resources they need to continue their mission;

Another significant charitable effort occurred when the presale hit the $500,000 milestone. At that time, Chimpzee pledged to plant 20,000 trees in Brazil to restore the Brazilian Rainforest through One Tree Planted;

Now, you can contribute to the next charitable milestone by participating in the presale. Once the fundraising hits the $750,000 milestone, Chimpzee will donate to WILD Foundation to help provide the funding the Yawanawa people need to help save the 600 remaining black jaguars in Brazil.

Overall, the Chimpzee ecosystem is a fantastic addition to the Web3 space that will help you earn returns through buying CHMPZ in the presale, passive income through the ecosystem, and do your part to help the world become a better place.

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