The Metaverse Top Spot Goes To The Sandbox, Will The Meme Top Spot Go To This New Altcoin?

The Sandbox is the world’s largest Metaverse game, with an estimated 1 million monthly users. Using The Sandbox, players can create their own customizable character, invest in Metaverse real estate, and interact with other players. Now, the project’s COO hinted at a huge upgrade coming in 2025. While the game continues influencing the Metaverse space, a new altcoin is making waves throughout the memecoin market, offering potential 100x returns in 2024. 

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The Sandbox Continues To Dominate Despite Market Downturn

Although activity throughout the DeFi market slowed during the first half of the year, The Sandbox has continued to thrive. Its innovative in-game features, customizability and world of adventure have been enough to keep its player base while many Metaverse games have failed. 

Now, The Sandbox plans to take its immersive experience one step further according to Sebastien Borget, the COO of Pixowl. At The Sandbox’s first Global Creators’ Day in November, Borget stated that The Sandbox is going to experience a huge launch in 2025, introducing a multitude of new features. Most notably, Borget highlighted that The Sandbox will advance mobile solutions, which could dramatically speed up the game’s adoption. 

In addition to mobile solutions, The Sandbox will also introduce a new rule system without the need for code. This will let players publish their own creations while continuing to scale the ever-growing Sandbox world. 

During his announcement, Borget stated that The Sandbox also plans to collaborate with Unity to allow for Polygon transactions. By offering cross-chain transactions The Sandbox could improve its accessibility and, in the process, grow its user base. 

Over the last month, The Sandbox’s native token, SAND, has increased in value by 19.45% to $0.5213. Experts believe that with its upcoming developments, The Sandbox could reach $1 in 2024, making the Metaverse game an enticing opportunity. 

Will Meme Moguls Overhaul The Memecoin Market? 

Meme Moguls is looking to penetrate the altcoin market with an exciting new meme-based game. The Meme Moguls game introduces players to investments. It offers a unique meme stock market, alongside traditional stock markets and simulated investing, where investors can invest $100,000 in virtual currency. By using virtual currency, players can learn about how investments work, discover strategies they like, and won’t have to risk their actual money. 

To add an extra level of excitement, Meme Moguls has created a number of lucrative games for investors to enjoy. These include “Beat the Market”, where investors will need to outperform index funds, as well as tournaments with other players. Such tournaments can require a payment to enter or can be free to play, with both options offering a number of rewards. Players can also challenge each other in a one-on-one winner-takes-all tournament to put their investing skills to the test. 

Players will use $MGLS tokens throughout the game’s ecosystem. Token holders will be granted voting rights and will also be able to stake their tokens. While still in its presale, Meme Moguls will also hold a $10,000 giveaway for one lucky investor after each presale stage sells out. 

Having just sold out during phase one of its presale, Meme Moguls $MGLS is now selling at just $0.0023, a bargain considering expert predictions, which suggest the token will be trading at $0.19 by the end of 2024. 

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