The Future of AI-Agents is Decentralized: Delysium and Microsoft Partner to Mainstream AI on Blockchain

San Francisco, USA, November 15th, 2023, Chainwire

Onboarding new users into the world of blockchain and AI can be a daunting task filled with complexity. From wrapped tokens to private keys, the learning curve is steep. This creates barriers to adoption for regular internet users who want to explore the possibilities of decentralized technology. To bridge this gap, Delysium has announced an exciting partnership with Microsoft. Together, they aim to streamline the user experience when interacting with the blockchain and bring the benefits of AI on blockchain into the mainstream.

The collaboration will leverage Delysium’s groundbreaking AI Agent Network that allows different AI agents to securely share data and exponentially increase their collective intelligence over time. This network provides key advantages: security, efficiency, and human alignment – ultimately serving humans in a positive way by freeing up time so we can collectively focus on shaping a better world while our AI agents take care of the majority of our day to day activities.

This network provides key advantages around security, efficiency, and human alignment. By decentralizing AI, the network moves towards safer autonomous agent operations and better handling of sensitive personal information as we extend AI capabilities into the physical world. It enables seamless coordination and faster communication between AI agents, improving problem-solving speed and decision making. Additionally, the network ensures all agents adhere to human values and objectives, promoting ethical adherence through built-in mechanisms checking AI actions.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform provides the computing power and access to AI solutions necessary to scale this decentralized AI ecosystem. This is further enhanced by the strategic partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI, which combines Microsoft’s robust cloud infrastructure with OpenAI’s leading-edge AI research and capabilities. Historically, Delysium and OpenAI are no strangers. The Delysium team was among the first to partner with OpenAI and build with GPT-3, showcasing a long-standing commitment to integrating advanced AI technologies.

According to Delysium’s co-founder XK:

Blockchain is made for AI, and AI is made for humans. Our collaboration is poised to utilize Microsoft’s immense cloud capabilities and OpenAI’s innovative AI models, which we believe can uplift humanity when used responsibly.”

By combining Delysium’s talent with Microsoft’s technology, this partnership will allow us to open up the AI Agent Network and enable developers to easily deploy their own AI assistants. The AI Agent Network has far-reaching implications. As more developers build assistants powered by the network, a form of emergent intelligence arises that pushes the boundaries of what is possible with AI. Users will be able to engage with these AI agents conversationally to receive personalized guidance and perform complex actions both on-and off-chain.

With a strong community of over 300,000 members and over 18,544 unique wallet addresses that are holding Delysium’s $AGI token, in the coming months, expect more exciting developments as Delysium and Microsoft collaborate to drive decentralized AI forward responsibly. The future is full of potential, and it is decentralized.

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About Delysium

Delysium presents a streamlined architecture to underpin an advanced AI-Agent Network and supporting ecosystem with a focus on ensuring security, scalability, and high-speed communication


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