Tellor (TRB) Up Over 1,000% and Kaspa (KAS) Over 1,600% Year-To-Date, Will This Crypto Gem Be Next To Join Them?

Investors are constantly in search of gem tokens that have the potential for high returns. Tellor (TRB) and Kaspa (KAS) are such high-value tokens, having gained up to 1,000% and 1,600%, respectively. Meanwhile, experts are confident that another token named Pullix is on its way to becoming a crypto powerhouse in 2024 due to its surging popularity and high growth potential. 

Pullix (PLX) on Course to Gain Over 580% in Value Before Launch

Just like Tellor (TRB) and Kaspa (KAS), Pullix (PLX) has shown positive signs of becoming one of the best crypto investment alternatives in 2024, this is due to the soaring momentum and popularity of Pullix among whale investors.

While still in presale, the Pullix token has sold over 70 million tokens at stage 6 and has raised over $4 million. Experts reckon that Pullix current trajectory is way ahead of schedule and may see a presale sale out sooner than expected. As such, buying the PLX token now should be the priority of investors looking to position themselves for massive future gains. 

For context, PLX is the native token of the Pullix platform. The Pullix platform, on the other hand, is a decentralized, Trade-to-Earn exchange platform that seeks to introduce hybrid approaches to solve the shortcomings of DeFi and CeFi exchanges. On the Pullix platform, traders are open to earning passive income as they trade. Also, with trading discounts on the platform, traders are open to be rewarded with PLX tokens which grants them access to exclusive features on the platform.

The PLX token is in the 6th stage of presale and sold for $0.08. More notably, the PLX token can be traded for income or simply changed to another crypto on the platform. With the surging popularity of PLX among crypto investors, experts have projected a massive rise in the token price before the end of presale and a further 10x when launched on Uniswap’s exchange. This makes the PLX token one of the best crypto investment alternatives in 2024. 

The Pullix platform will lock the liquidity pool for 24 months when launched in Uniswap. Also, the KYC has been verified by BlockAudit Team while the smart contract has been audited by InterFi Network.

Tellor (TRB) on a Significant Year-to-date Price Gain

The Tellor (TRB) token has been one of the biggest gainers over a year period in the crypto market. For context, Tellor has gained over 1,000% in a year-to-date price metric. This means that Tellor, which was valued at $15 a year ago, has risen to the value of over $126 within the first two weeks of January 2024. 

Crypto experts believe Tellor price gain may reach the $200 benchmark in Q2 of 2024 at the current price trajectory.

Kaspa (KAS) Establishes Support Level After Significant Price Bull 

The Kaspa price has seen over 1,600% growth on a year-to-date price turn. This development has placed Kaspa as one of the best-performing cryptos over a year period, the Kaspa price chart shows that the token is looking to establish its support level at the $0.1 mark. While it may still be early days, crypto analysts predict a price rally similar to the one witnessed last year for Kaspa in 2024. 

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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