Tellor and Bonk Slide, Traders Back Meme Token to Pump


  • Traders and investors flock to NuggetRush as its presale surges beyond expectations.
  • Tellor witnesses extreme price movements in the market as it pumps and dumps within hours, triggering suspicions.
  • 2024 starts roughly for Bonk as the token experiences price corrections in the new year.

Investors constantly seek new opportunities on the decentralized cryptocurrency list to diversify their portfolios and earn significant returns. Tellor and Bonk are two top altcoins that have experienced significant price movements in the last year. Tellor’s decline is attributed to suspicions surrounding its price changes, while Bonk is reportedly losing its hype. In contrast, NuggetRush (NUGX), an upcoming cryptocurrency ICO, is making incredible moves to attract traders’ backing. The project has launched a successful presale amid its GameFi offerings. This article explores Tellor and Bonk’s price slides, highlighting the features causing traders to back NuggetRush’s pump.

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NuggetRush (NUGX): The Surging P2E Meme Coin

NuggetRush has attracted investors lately as the token rounds up its fourth presale stage. Currently selling at 0.015 USDT apiece, the top ICO offers about 33% ROI for investors who get in at this stage. Over $1.5 million has been raised from this presale, and over 130 million NUGX tokens have been sold. Only about 19% of the tokens allocated to stage four remain, and the speed with which traders are accumulating this token shows that its fifth and final stage would also sell out quickly.

The rising interest in this top ICO stems from its impressive features. NuggetRush integrated gold mining and real-world artisanal mining into its model. It provides a gaming platform where players can purchase trending NFTs representing game characters to participate in the gameplay and mine for treasures within the platform’s metaverse. NuggetRush aims to provide a meaningful and captivating experience by combining this excitement with real-world utility.

The project offers even more opportunities, as investors are welcome to stake their trending NFTs within a staking protocol. This protocol provides NFT holders with up to 20% APY returns on their staked digital assets. These assets can also be traded within a peer-to-peer marketplace. NuggetRush also allows investors to join an exclusive community, RUSH GUILD, to get VIP membership and access discounts and voting rights.

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Tellor (TRB): Price Frenzy in the Crypto Market

Tellor, a top decentralized oracle protocol, is experiencing a low point in its market value. The token’s price reacts to suspicions of manipulation following a staggering pump and dump. Its native token, TRB, recorded a massive 172% increase in a single day, which it dumped within an hour, shooting its DeFi coin price from over $600 to under $130.

These suspicions are being raised after analysts noted the Tellor trading activity on Etherscan. The data shows that the Tellor team transferred about $2.4 million worth of TRB tokens, amounting to 4,211 TRB, to a single Coinbase wallet when its price spiked. The drop in its market value reportedly resulted in about $68 million in liquidations. Traders and investors are relaxing their speculations after Spot On Chain, a top blockchain analytics firm, mentioned that the bizarre price swings could be traced to the 26% of circulating TRB tokens distributed between 20 whale wallets.

Bonk (BONK): Dying Hype and Declining Prices

The Solana-based meme coin, BONK, has witnessed a fair share of increments in its market value after recording a year-to-end surge of over 2,700%. Its mid-December peak, which turned many investors into millionaires, is dropping as the token records a nearly 50% decline. Analysts are convinced that the Bonk hype is dying off and causing this decline.

This unexpected setback is causing several speculations around BONK as investors wonder whether to hold on to their investments or sell them in a panic. Top crypto trader Unipcs suggested in his X post that the token’s price must consolidate for its value to increase. There is still hope for Bonk as the platform aims to diversify its offerings with a gaming hub and a decentralized exchange (DEX), among other developments.


Bonk and Tellor are experiencing a decline in their market value following several significant events. The recent price crashes have caused negative market sentiment around the two tokens. Analysts are predicting a possible green on their charts in no time. NuggetRush continues to climb the decentralized cryptocurrency list with its incredible offerings. As investors continue to back the token, its presale is selling out quickly, and the token will be launched soon with a proposed price of 0.02 USDT, a whopping 100% increase from its initial price.

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