Tectum Shatters Records, Claims Title of Fastest Layer 1 Blockchain at TPS, Outshines Bitcoin and Alephium

Tectum, the decentralized blockchain network developed by Crispmind, has claimed the title of the fastest Layer 1 blockchain in the world. During the final phase of its live transaction per second (TPS) test, Tectum reportedly processed a staggering 3.5 million transactions in just 14.66 seconds, setting a new record for blockchain throughput.

The final phase of the TPS test saw Tectum complete over 51 million transactions using SoftNote, a “medium of transfer” that can facilitate the exchange of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. According to the company, this approach was chosen to demonstrate the network’s capability to handle a diverse range of transactions.

Tectum’s remarkable feat dwarfs the performance of other major blockchains, such as Bitcoin, which can process only around 7 transactions per second, and even contenders like Alephium, which aims to scale up to 10,000 TPS by increasing the number of shards.

The live stream of the TPS test, hosted on Tectum’s YouTube channel, provided a transparent and verifiable process, with the company inviting everyone to participate and observe the proceedings.

Crispmind, the intellectual property and software development firm behind Tectum, has a decades-long track record of developing cost-effective and customer-centric solutions, ranging from secure messaging and user authentication to blockchain, distributed ledgers, and cryptocurrency.

Tectum’s groundbreaking performance is attributed to its unique data architecture and the utilization of a proof-of-utility consensus protocol, which processes transactions through trusted nodes. This approach, combined with the use of zero-knowledge proofs to maintain transaction privacy, has enabled Tectum to overcome the scalability and throughput limitations faced by many other blockchain networks.

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The achievement of 3.5 million TPS is not only a technological marvel but also a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology. With its unparalleled transaction processing capabilities, Tectum has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the race to develop scalable and efficient decentralized networks capable of supporting real-world applications at a global scale.

As the blockchain industry continues to evolve, Tectum’s record-breaking performance serves as a testament to the potential of innovative approaches and the relentless pursuit of technological advancement in the field of decentralized networks.

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