Stellar XLM Loses Ground While Maker MKR and Everlodge Soar

 Stellar has recently experienced a downturn, while Maker has been buoyed by a significant uptick. Amidst this volatility, Everlodge is gearing up for a promising start during a presale phase.

This event enables early adopters to acquire the ELDG token at a discount, while also giving them access to exclusive benefits and opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at these three altcoins.

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Everlodge (ELDG): Prepared to Lift-Off and Overtake Stellar (XLM) and Maker (MKR)

Everlodge is pioneering a new path in the real estate industry by launching the world’s first property marketplace focused on fractional vacation home ownership. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, Everlodge offers a chance for users to invest in premium properties like hotels, vacation homes, and luxury villas without having to buy them outright.

What sets Everlodge apart is its unique combination of fractional ownership, timeshare, and NFT technology. The platform not only provides fractional investment opportunities but also integrates rewards clubs, lending features, and a launchpad for developers to garner funds.

At the core of Everlodge’s ecosystem is the ELDG token, a versatile utility token that plays a multifunctional role within the platform. Token holders can leverage ELDG to access property discounts, stake for rewards, and even enjoy free hotel stays.

Currently, ELDG tokens can be purchased for just $0.01 during the first phase of the presale event. The project employs a dynamic pricing model, with the ELDG price set to increase at each stage until the token’s official launch.

As the global real estate market exceeds a staggering $280 trillion, the concept of fractional vacation home ownership emerges as a game-changer. Everlodge is leading the way and is already seeking partnerships with key players in the industry.

Industry experts aren’t taking this innovation lightly and predict that Everlodge will quickly overtake projects like Stellar and Maker. Current predictions indicate that ELDG token prices will rise significantly to $1.00 in the coming months.

Stellar (XLM): Ripple Correlations and the Quest to Overcome Resistance

Stellar, a brainchild of Jed McCaleb, was born in 2014 with the mission to expedite international money transfers while also minimizing the associated costs. With the ability to handle transactions across various currencies using its native digital token, XLM, Stellar is a leader in cross-border payments.

Previously, heavyweight corporations such as IBM and Deloitte acknowledged the potential of Stellar, showing keen interest in the project. However, in spite of this early enthusiasm, Stellar’s integration into the market seems to have hit a stumbling block. This is reflected in its price which has seen a steep decline of 83% to a current value of $0.15.

As is often the case, Stellar tracked the price movements of Ripple earlier this month. Stellar was swept up in a Ripple-induced bullish wave, driving its price up to a recent high of $0.20. However, this price point represents a formidable resistance level that Stellar is unlikely to overcome until adoption picks up.

Maker (MKR): Technical Factors and the Potential for Another Bull Run

Stellar may be falling, but Maker is on the rise. The token has enjoyed a steady surge since mid-June, rising from $513 to a current value of $1,246 and climbing (on the daily timeframe).

The recent upward momentum of Maker appears to be driven by technical factors. In its previous trend, Maker was navigating within a large triangle on the daily chart. The breakout from this consolidation pattern was interpreted by investors as a bullish signal, leading to a surge in demand and, consequently, an appreciation in Maker’s value.

Market observers are keenly tracking Maker’s progress toward the $2,000 resistance level, as surpassing this threshold will likely set the stage for a massive Maker bull run.

While market analysts generally maintain a positive outlook for Maker, its current market capitalization of $1.3 billion does put a cap on its potential upside. Meanwhile, the Everlodge project is right at the start of its journey and has yet to be discovered by retail investors.

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