Steep Price Correction Awaits Worldcoin and Kaspa: Which Altcoins Will Take the Spotlight?

Worldcoin (WLD) has jumped 161.56% over the last seven days, capitalizing on the bull mania. Kaspa (KAS), on the other hand, has registered a 76.63% surge on the monthly chart, earning its place among the top gainers. 

The two of the hottest cryptocurrencies of the season, however, are unlikely to maintain their momentum. 

Traders Are Seeking Greener Pastures

As the pre-halving rally gains strength, the spotlight is inevitably moving to altcoins with higher upside potential. Having fallen prey to the pump-and-dump scheme that mostly affects meme coins early on, both Worldcoin and Kaspa are preparing to pay a heavy price. 

The first signs of the downturn are visible. 

Worldcoin (WLD) seven-day price action, CoinMarketCap

They are looking at steep price corrections as speculative traders move to more fertile pastures. 

Which altcoins will steal the spotlight next? Listed below are three top predictions, based on an analysis of their speculative potential and market relevance. 

1. Meme Kombat (MK) – Last Chance to Buy into the GambleFi Sensation 

Meme Kombat is on the brink of a break-out. With the presale already past the $9.5M milestone, investors have to act early to grab the tokens for discounts before the exchange launch. 

At the core of Meme Kombat’s growing momentum is its new take on diversifying and expanding GambleFi beyond traditional boundaries.

The project breaks away from the conventional confines of online casinos and sports betting platforms. After the success of Rollbit, which pulled off a 5000% surge in 2023, the market saw a series of copycats. They don’t help the growth of the GambleFi landscape.

Meme Kombat dares to venture beyond. The much-awaited AI-powered battle arena will be a place where meme coins fight it out for supremacy. Participants will stake $MK to predict the outcomes of these battles, with accurate predictions earning rewards in the native token. 

Meme Kombat Season 1 is set to begin shortly after the presale concludes. Having raised $9.5M out of the $10M target, the presale is on the verge of a rapid sell-out. 


2. eTukTuk (TUK) – EV Revolution in Developing Economies Grabs the Attention of Crypto Investors

One of the hottest altcoins of this season is eTukTuk (TUK). The EV token is hosting a viral presale that is now past the $1M milestone. 

The project can be rightly called the Tesla of developing economies, owing to its paradigm-shifting approach to bringing electric vehicles (EVs) to the mainstream. Addressing the steep financial barrier to the EV sector, eTukTuk concentrates on the public transportation sector in developing economies. 

The ecosystem consists of three primary components:

  1. Electric three-wheeler taxis that help the Tuk-Tuk sector realize higher energy efficiency. 
  2. A network of EV charging stations established and run by Territory Partners. They are rewarded generously in $TUK tokens, sourced as charging fees from eTukTuk drivers. 
  3. A peer-to-peer blockchain payment network overseen by Power Stakers, who are also rewarded in $TUK tokens. 

$TUK serves as the primary currency for all transactions and incentives within the eTukTuk ecosystem. There’s also a play-to-earn game in development that resembles the style of Crazy Taxi.

After five years of research and development, eTukTuk is entering the market with its presale. Before the initial exchange listing of $TUK, investors can grab the token for attractive discounts from the ongoing presale. 

For early eTukTuk presale participants, staking is now active. The APY is at around 180%, allowing participants to grow their investment even before market dynamics enter the picture. 


3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) – Cloud Mining Token with Good Exposure to Bitcoin Halving Frenzy

The ongoing crypto mania has to do with the optimism surrounding the Bitcoin halving event that is scheduled for April. With a history of kindling strong bullish price actions, Bitcoin halving is expected to raise the price of BTC to $100,000 by the end of the year. 

That explains why Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) has become one of the most talked-about presale cryptocurrencies of the year. The hot presale of $BTCMTX is now past the impressive $11 million mark, indicating a sell-out in the coming days. 

What’s the big deal?

Bitcoin Minetrix is reshaping cloud mining by introducing a novel stake-to-mine platform.

The project’s goal is to democratize access to Bitcoin mining by lowering its technical and financial barriers. It makes this possible through its stake-to-mine-to-earn dashboard. 

As the name implies, this is how it works:

  1. Stake $BTCMTX tokens
  2. Earn BTC mining credits in the form of ERC20 tokens. Being non-transferable, they reduce the risk of hacks. 
  3. Burn BTC mining credits for mining rewards. 

Tokenizing mining rewards, Bitcoin Minetrix mitigates risks associated with third-party cloud mining scams. Although staking is highly popular in the crypto domain, Bitcoin Minetrix provides one of the most reliable sources of passive rewards due to its robust framework. 

The long-term enduring potential of Bitcoin Minetrix lies in its utility. But it also gives high exposure to the hype around Bitcoin halving. The project’s name and key value proposition tap into the viral frenzy, pulling investors to the presale.

To buy $BTCMTX tokens for discounted rates before the presale concludes, visit the official website. Although the stake-to-mine app has yet to go live, presale investors can earn passive staking rewards right away. 


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