Staying Ahead: 3 Meme Coins Predicted to Pump More Than 20X in September

The crash of August has been dispiriting. Nevertheless, analysts are convinced that it will be short-term, given the lack of strong triggers. Tesla’s BTC position and the rising bond yields can’t slow down the market for long. 

Seasoned investors are using this opportunity to buy the dip and expand their portfolios before September. As the crash paves the path for a bull run, the low entry position will translate to substantial returns. 

Upcoming meme coins hold large promise for returns

Meme coins, in particular, have caught the eyes of strategic investors. A close analysis of the crypto market’s performance over the year reveals the explosiveness of the niche. 

While utility tokens have large long-term potential, they can’t beat the meme coin mania in terms of quick returns. As a new cryptocurrency, Pepe made four-digit ROIs for early investors in a matter of weeks for investors who seized the opportunity. If there is one sector that can make millions for investors with a few thousand dollars of investment, it is meme coins.

But not any meme coins will do. 

For example, it doesn’t look like established meme coins like Shiba Inu, Pepe, and Dogecoin can climb more than 100-150% this year, let alone pump 20X for new investors. Their large market caps are to blame. Moreover, there is a tendency for meme coins to fade into the backdrop within a few weeks of their launch. 

New meme coins, on the other hand, can do the job. Listed below are three that are much-awaited in September. 

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1. Wall Street Memes 

The much-awaited presale of Wall Street Memes (WSM) is likely to sell out ahead of schedule this week. It has raised $26M out of its targeted $30M within days of going live. 

The FOMO around the project is growing, fuelled partly by the presale success and partly by the predictions that WSM will outperform Pepe’s explosive bull run in May. While Pepe gave early investors up to 7000% ROI on reaching its all-time high, there are reasons to believe that WSM will be a bigger phenomenon. 

The meteoric presale just gives a glimpse of the project’s foothold in the crypto retail investment community. Few crypto projects have attempted to target an amount as big as $30M during the presale stage. And even fewer have managed to accomplish it. 

The community’s virality precedes the presale success 

To find out why WSM has emerged to become a crypto sensation prior to its launch, we need to take a closer look at the Wall Street Memes community. 

The meme coin called WSM is an extension of the social media community which is held together by their love for memes. Memes that often hilariously critique the double standards of governments, lawmakers, and gullible traders. 

The Twitter account of Wall Street Memes was launched in 2019, and today it boasts a large group of followers. They are mostly investors, traders, and business leaders. Even Elon Musk has not been immune to the charm of the community’s posts. 

The presale success goes on to show that its hold on meme coin degens is substantially large as well. But Wall Street Memes stands apart from other meme coin communities due to its longevity. While most meme coin communities – except Dogecoin and Shiba Inu – can be best described as fleeting sensations – Wall Street Memes has proven the solidity of its community over the years. 

And that makes all the difference. For the same reason, it is a strong contender to join the ranks of DOGE and SHIB soon, dethroning PEPE. 

The FOMO is building up

The FOMO around the WSM presale is growing at an explosive rate. As expected, this has led to an increase in the amount poured into the presale by each participant. For example, an investor booked 460 ETH worth of WSM tokens a few days earlier. 

It goes on to show the growing trust in the project. But more importantly, it gives a glimpse of the bigger phenomenon that will unfold on the token launch. 

Community rewards will dampen the initial selling pressure 

Wall Street Memes has set aside a whopping 30% of its total supply toward community rewards. The integration of community giveaways and airdrops into the project’s roadmap ensures that investors are motivated to become long-term holders. It mitigates initial selling pressure – which many newly launched tokens have a history of falling prey to – to a great extent. 

Early investors are confident that the token will surpass Pepe in its dominance and popularity within a few days of its launch. The WSM price has the potential to jump anywhere from 1700-2000% during its initial exchange listing, scheduled for September. 

But once its popularity takes it to tier-1 exchanges like Binance, the ROI can climb to 6000-8000% for early investors. Binance is a strong catalyst for crypto bull runs, and it is expected to raise WSM to the Top-3 meme coin chart by October 2023. 

With the presale nearing its target ahead of schedule, the window to grab the token at the discounted price is closing. 


2. Sonik Coin 

Another cryptocurrency on the watch list of meme coin investors this week is Sonik Coin. Although the token just began its presale, it has gone viral in meme coin communities. 

Themed around the iconic animated character Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonik Coin is a perfect candidate to spark the next meme coin explosion. Despite having no affiliations with the original project, the meme coin capitalizes on the global popularity of the character. Particularly in Asian countries that are home to a substantial demographic of meme coin investors. 

But Sonik’s robustness as a cryptocurrency is underpinned by its stake-to-earn functionality. The reward system encourages investors to lock their tokens, thus taking them out of the market and in turn fuelling their price. The mechanism adds to its long-term credibility by ensuring a consistent stream of passive income to holders. 

Stake to speed

Sonik’s stake-to-earn system will unfold over a period of four years. It holds great promise, particularly for early investors who will take away a substantial share of the reward pie. 40% supply goes toward stakers. 

The strategy not only fosters engagement, but also drives token demand. Moreover, as in the case of WSM, the rewards will counteract the selling pressure that often accompanies initial exchange listings. 

The stake-to-earn system is designed to support the project’s mission to become the fastest crypto project to attain a $100 million market cap. But can it set the record?

Sonik has managed to build substantial momentum within the market in a short time, thanks to its unique theme and the compelling stake-to-earn feature. The potential yield is one of the best in the market, strengthening the possibility of the token reaching a $100 million market cap in the near future. 

But whether it will set a record in doing so depends on the broader market conditions as well. 

A conservative price prediction for Sonik 

An examination of the Sonik website, white paper, and community engagement paints a promising picture from an investment perspective. Its growing momentum on social media platforms substantiates the predictions that the token will go 500% to 1000% on its first DEX launch. 

Sonik’s presale target is set low at $2M 

A low presale target translates to a low initial market cap, which in turn indicates that the token has a large room for growth. In other words, even a small target of $100M market cap will translate to multifold returns for early investors who manage to grab the tokens at the presale price. 


3. Chimpzee 

With the right investment strategy, Chimpzee is another meme coin that has the potential to make millions for early buyers in September. Chimpzee is more than just a meme coin in the sense that it has a green mission for climate action ingrained into its makeup. 

Its goal is to tackle the alarming state of climate change by using blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. It narrows down its focus to wildlife conservation as a means to curb climate change and global warming. 

Clearly, raising awareness has proven to be a largely inefficient strategy. Caught up in the hustle of everyday lives, we need more than just warnings of a dystopian future to act. Sad as it is, most of us are motivated by short-term rewards more than long-term rewards. 

Chimpzee has designed its green crypto ecosystem based on a judicious analysis of human psychology and its responsiveness to monetary rewards. 

Financial incentives, transparency, and traceability

Chimpzee encourages individuals and organizations to join climate action by injecting transparency and traceability into the project, made possible by Web3 integration. This allows it to dismantle psychological and practical barriers that often hinder engagement in initiatives that require global participation. 

The project introduces unique shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn platforms that orchestrate a transformation in behavior toward climate action. It is a more sustainable approach when compared to awareness programs and donation pleas. 

To give you a better perspective of the practicality of the mission, the project has contributed $15,000.00 to the WILD Foundation. It partnered with One Tree Planted to facilitate the planting of 20,000 trees and the restoration of rainforests along the Southwest Coast of Guatemala. All of these were accomplished during the presale stage. 

The humble beginning of the project leaves large room for growth for early movers. It comes with attractive staking rewards, discounts, and benefits. 


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