Standard Chartered Launches Zodia Crypto Custody in Hong Kong, While Asian Investors Buy BTCS

Financial institutions are making significant strides to cater to the growing institutional clients’ demand for digital asset management. Standard Chartered, a global banking giant, has recently introduced its crypto custody service, Zodia, in Hong Kong. The company aims to serve existing clients in these markets and new institutional clients looking to enter the crypto space.

The Asian market is witnessing increased interest in cryptocurrency investments, with notable moves involving retail and institutional investors buying Bitcoin Spark (BTCS). These developments reflect the expanding influence of digital assets in traditional financial sectors and the rising enthusiasm among investors in the Asia-Pacific region.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Bitcoin Spark is a new project making waves with its exciting ICO and new blockchain technology that pursues inclusivity in the digital assets arena. BTCS empowers investors and miners to onboard its platform and enjoy true decentralization. As a BTC fork, the BTCS team realized a digression from the original Satoshi vision, especially in BTC mining, which has fallen into the hands of a few wealthy individuals calling the shots. Bitcoin Spark’s Proof of Process protocol pursues broader mining participation and opens up this process by reducing barriers to entry, such as high costs and processing power. Under the PoP protocol, users rent computing power and can mine using readily available devices, including smartphones.

Bitcoin Spark rides on its BTCS mining application to simplify the process. Available on standard devices and compatible with Windows, Android, etc. The Bitcoin Spark application empowers anyone willing to mine and earn rewards computed in a nonlinear format. BTCS advanced algorithms ensure miners get rewards regardless of stake or computational power. The app also curtails mining monopoly by encouraging broader participation to spread the risk. The contributors of mining power get rewards under the Proof of Work Done (PoW) protocol in addition to earnings from their staked amounts.

Bitcoin Spark’s ICO in phase nine features a BTC token price of $3.50, with a 5% bonus and guaranteed 300% ROI. The launch date is November 30, with BTCS priced at $10. The stability, security, and transparency of the BTCS infrastructure are sound and compliant, as per the Cognitos KYC and a series of audits.

Standard Chartered Stock Price 

Standard Chartered is a multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Standard Chartered (STAN) is a well-known banking and financial services company with a significant presence in various countries around the world, particularly in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Standard Chartered operates as a universal bank, offering diverse financial and custodial services to its customers, including retail banking, corporate banking, private banking, and wealth management. Its stock is traded on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol STAN. The Standard Chartered stock price often changes subject to market conditions. For more accurate and up-to-date information on the Standard Chartered stock price and performance, it’s paramount to check a financial news source or a stock market website. Standard Chartered is known for its focus on emerging markets and has a strong presence in regions with high growth potential.

Zodia Custody is a crypto security firm supported by Standard Chartered (STAN:LN), together with SBI Holdings and Northern Trust (NASDAQ:NTRS). 

Learn more on BTCS and ICO:

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