Solana Will Flip Ethereum ‘Sooner Than You Think’ Says Top Analyst, But There’s a Big Catch

Cryptocurrency trader MartyParty made waves today when he told his 50k Twitter followers that “Solana will flip Ethereum sooner than you think.” He pointed to charts showing Solana’s recent price surge, arguing that “Anyone not moving some $ETH into $SOL under $100 is either delusional, emotional or you are locked in this ridiculous Ethereum staking protocol.”

In essence, MartyParty believes Solana is gaining momentum and could overtake Ethereum’s top spot among cryptocurrencies. Despite Ethereum’s massive $267 billion market cap compared to Solana’s $36 billion, he thinks Solana’s impressive 20% weekly gains show traders are shifting focus.

However, other prominent voices argue Ethereum still reigns supreme. Crypto analyst Miles Deutscher reminded his 400k followers that “It’s the ‘Ethereum is dead’ stage of the cycle again”—a common but fleeting narrative. He contends Ethereum still boasts superior fundamentals, including the largest developer ecosystem, funding, institutional backing, users, transactions, decentralization and security. His message: “Fade [betting against Ethereum] at your own peril.”

Meanwhile, analyst Ali spotted a bullish sign for Ethereum: “A steady increase in the number of new $ETH addresses, consistently hitting higher highs, is a bullish sign. This growing network activity could set the stage for #ETH to resume its upward price trajectory soon!”

Ali’s point is further supported by on-chain data showing nearly 100,000 new Ethereum addresses created just yesterday. This rapid influx of new users building positions in ETH underscores the network’s continued strong adoption and growth.

With so many new people entering the Ethereum ecosystem even as prices trade sideways, it exemplifies the still-untapped potential demand among both retail and institutional investors alike.

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This ever-growing userbase bodes well for Ethereum’s future price appreciation if it can capture more of its total addressable market. For now, traders seizing on Solana’s outperformance over the short run fail to grasp Ethereum’s staying power with millions of loyal users and developers firmly entrenching it at the center of crypto innovation.

In summary, while upstart Solana is riding high lately, Ethereum still dominates on most fundamental metrics. Ethereum boosters argue its strong developer community, institutional backing and increasing on-chain activity will power future growth. Yet Solana’s meteoric rise shows traders see its potential to disrupt the status quo. The battle between the two networks is just heating up.

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