Solana (SOL) Soars Amid Rising Institutional Interest; Dogecoin (DOGE) Dips as Investors Take Profits; InQubeta (QUBE) Flies Past $11.8M in Presale

The bull run continues, with volatility on the rise. Solana (SOL), one of the best-performing top altcoins—the Crypto of the Year according to CoinMarketCap—soared, buoyed by rising institutional interest. Per data from Grayscale, the Grayscale Solana Trust (GSOL) is trading on the upside, with institutions jumping on the SOL bandwagon.

Meanwhile, following Dogecoin’s (DOGE) explosive growth, the leading meme coin takes a breather as investors take profits. Adding to this picture and enjoying massive investor interest is InQubeta (QUBE), one of the most promising new ICOs. It has been flying high in the ICO space, recently blasting past $11.8 million in presale.

InQubeta (QUBE): Remarkable Presale Event

InQubeta (QUBE) is the undisputed star of the show, enjoying massive investor interest in the ICO world. It checks most, if not all, of the boxes, appealing to investors and enthusiasts interested in the future of AI.

It stands at the intersection of two of the world’s most disruptive innovations: AI and blockchain. Seeking to transform the fundraising landscape of the fast-rising AI industry, it will employ blockchain technology and build the first-ever crypto-based crowdfunding platform for AI tech startups. Of equal importance, its custom-built NFT marketplace will democratize access to the lucrative AI market, allowing investors to partially invest in trailblazing AI businesses.

With adoption imminent and explosive growth on the horizon, you can become an early holder or adopter. In the eighth stage of the ICO—a recommended presale—a token costs only $0.0245, with analysts tipping the emerging crypto to explode by 70x after its market debut. If you seek the best new crypto to invest in, look no further than QUBE.

Solana (SOL): Skyrocketing Amid Surge in Institutional Interest

Solana (SOL), the Crypto of the Year according to CoinMarketCap, continues to show why it is a token to bet on. Despite bearish sentiments last year, it skyrocketed, rising from as little as $10 to over $100. One can only help but imagine its growth in this year’s bull market.

Building on the momentum from the previous year, Solana is up by almost 50% in 2024, filling holders with glee. In addition to the overall market rally, its price is being further propelled by the significant attention it receives from institutional investors.

The Grayscale Solana Trust (GSOL), a fund that allows institutions to gain exposure to SOL without holding it, is going parabolic. With these big players seemingly unable to get enough of SOL, explosive growth is on the horizon, making it one of the best cryptos to invest in.

Dogecoin (DOGE): Taking a Rest After Recent Rally

Dogecoin (DOGE) is undoubtedly the best altcoin in the meme ecosystem. It is the first and leading memecoin—not a typical pump and dump meme token—hence, it is a favorite among investors. Usually, it is at the forefront of any meme frenzy, highlighting its dominance.

It burst into the crypto scene in 2013 after its fork from Litecoin. Early holders made generational wealth when it exploded during the 2021 bull market, a run it might replicate this year. While it has since declined from its peak, Dogecoin is raring to go in 2024, another bull market.

Following its explosive growth this year—leading the latest meme craze—Dogecoin is taking a breather as investors take profit. This might be a great time for traders who missed out on its last run to enter the market. Preparing for another jump—potentially creating a new all-time high (ATH)—DOGE is among the best cryptos to buy now.


Solana continues its upward charge, fueled by growing institutional interest. Meanwhile, Dogecoin sees a dip in momentum amid profit-taking, but a bounceback is on the cards. Additionally, InQubeta is one of the leading projects in the ICO space and is preparing to explode after its launch. You can click the link below to become an early holder.

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