Solana Sees Major $82M Whale Movement During Dip; Chainlink Rival Braced for Major Market Gains

Solana (SOL) has been on the rise lately, with its ecosystem attracting investors seeking projects with high growth potential. The focus has moved from SOL meme coins to the native token itself, attracting increased attention from whales.

Recent transactions show the movement of SOL tokens worth over $82 million from multiple wallet addresses, signifying the possibility of a pump.

Investor sentiments remain positive for other top altcoins as their price charts maintain a bullish trend. Chainlink (LINK) is experiencing increasing attention from whales as its market value soars.

Its top rival, InQubeta (QUBE), is on a similar trend as the project braces for major market gains while its presale soars. This AI-centric token merges the artificial intelligence and blockchain industries, providing crowdfunding opportunities for investors in AI tech startups. 

This article explores the rise of these bullish tokens, which offer high-growth potential to investors seeking projects on the blockchain with long-term profitability.

InQubeta (QUBE): Blazing a Path for AI on the Blockchain

One of the leading AI projects on the blockchain, InQubeta, is bracing for a major ascent on the decentralized cryptocurrency list as its DeFi coin price rallies. The project, popular for its fractional investments, is attracting attention from investors and analysts as predictions for its unprecedented rise come up.

InQubeta offers opportunities for investors to hold utility in AI tech startups using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These utilities are minted into NFTs and fractionated into units, then listed on the platform’s peer-to-peer marketplace for buying, selling, and trading.

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Its ongoing presale is gaining traction as each token sells at a DeFi coin price of $0.0224 apiece. The presale is in Stage 7, with a projected 13% increase when it enters the eighth stage and begins selling at $0.0255. Over $9.2 million has been raised for this ICO from selling over 760 million QUBE tokens.

The project offers significant growth potential, amounting to a 340% increase from its initial price of $0.007 to a proposed list price of $0.0308.

The blockchain ICO offers a deflationary token burn model to position itself for market profit. Reducing supply could increase demand for the token and raise its value over time.

A pump is inevitable for investors as the project also offers a special rewards pool funded by a 5% sell tax and a 2% buy tax. Token holders can stake their QUBE tokens to earn more rewards from this project and its bullish prospects.

Solana (SOL): Investor Interest Amid Decline

Market sentiment surrounding the Solana token is uncertain following two massive transfers of SOL tokens worth about $82 million. According to data from Whale Alert, a whale moved 659,283 SOL tokens from one unknown wallet to another in the first transaction.

This move raised speculations in the crypto community, with Solana traders wondering if the massive transaction could affect market prices. The negative sentiment is worsened by Solana’s current price, which has fallen below the $100 support level.

More data from the top blockchain analytics platform showed a second whale transaction, a transfer of 150,000 SOL from a Bybit crypto exchange wallet to an unknown wallet. Although significant, analysts believe this news could be positive for the project.

Ideally, the move from Bybit, a centralized cryptocurrency wallet, signifies a long-term investment, as the possibility of it being moved to cold storage with the hopes of earning substantial gains in the future persists. Despite the dip, the news barely affected Solana, but analysts believe it may retest the $90 support level.

Chainlink (LINK): Rising Profitability Following Increased Demand

Chainlink has seen a significant increase of about 40% in the past month as attention for the token rises. According to data from Whale Alert, a substantial transfer of tokens from a Bybit exchange wallet to an unidentified wallet was recorded. 800,000 LINK tokens worth over $14 million were reportedly transferred shortly after a series of aggressive transactions that saw the purchase of over $42 million worth of LINK tokens, indicating a bullish trend.

Chainlink continues to dominate the crypto market with its recent partnership with Paxos, delivering increased adoption of the PYUSD (PayPal stablecoin) token. With such developments, investors expect more positive news regarding the token.

Top analyst Crypto Yapper shared LINK’s bullish retest in an X post, conveying strong sentiment for an upward trend that could push LINK to $21 apiece.


Top altcoins in the crypto market, Solana and Chainlink, remain on a bullish trend as whales bet big on their potential growth. These tokens are trending as analysts predict significant price increments following substantial developments.

InQubeta falls under the category of growing projects, offering low entry prices for investors seeking high growth potential. With its impressive features and ROI, this blockchain ICO tops the list of altcoins to invest in for substantial growth in 2024.

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