$SNEK Challenges $BONK for Top Meme Gainer in 2024, But This Coin Could Outperform Both 

Meme coins are anticipated to have an incredible 2024 following their impressive Q3 2023 performance. Investors now have renewed interest in them, a big contrast to the previous year’s first half when many believe the meme appeal is ebbing away. Most analysts’ top 10 altcoins list for the year now includes a meme coin, indicating that the tokens are back on top market players’ radar. $SNEK and $BONK are among the leading meme coins poised to reward investors excellently in 2024. However, the new Galaxy Fox token is prepared to outperform them. $GFOX could be the most prominent meme coin before the year ends, as experts predict an unprecedented market rally after it launches on retail exchanges. 

$BONK Hopes to Regain Momentum After Impressive Year-end Run 

$BONK is a budding meme coin looking to be a household name in the meme space. It is the first dog-themed meme coin on Solana, and its utility on the network makes it more than a mere meme coin. $BONK was created as a community token with utility across all Solana-based decentralized applications (dApps). It’s expected to bring liquidity back to decentralized exchanges (DEXs) on the network, allowing every $BONK user to join the  Solana ecosystem and explore opportunities therein. 

$BONK developers distrusted about 50 trillion tokens of the meme coin (half of its total supply) randomly among key players in the Solana ecosystem. This increased trading volume and improved overall performance among DEXs on the network. Top projects built on Solana integrated $BONK as a payment option for NFTs, while others offer it as a reward for users who stake their NFTs. This adoption and utility strengthens the meme coin to compete in the saturated meme sector. 

$BONK picked towards the end of 2023, yielding about 241% gain between October to December. The meme coin is currently down almost 50% over the past two weeks, however. $BONK utility in the Solana ecosystem makes it likely to increase in value and prominence. The meme coin could experience an impressive surge before the Q2 2024 ends, and its predicted performance puts it among the top 10 altcoins that could be risk-worthy this year. 

$SNEK: Buzzing Cardano-based Deflationary Meme Coin 

$SNEK is one of the meme coins with a high possibility of experiencing a value increase this year. The deflationary meme token had a better run than $BONK in 2023 and could repeat the same feat in the current year. $SNEK has over 700% year-to-date yield and about 60% gain in the last 30 days. $SNEK rallied from a $0.0001151 all-time low in May last year to $0.002246 three weeks ago. 

This shows the meme coin has a high-profit potential, and it could be highly rewarding in a favorable condition. $SNEK currently trades at -47% away from its all-time high, but the altcoin could reverse its decline soon. The meme coin remains the largest token by trading volume on Cardano, and its massive usage on the network keeps it relevant. $SNEK has what it takes to be a top gainer, making it an altcoin to consider. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): New Meme Coin Poised to Outperform Existing Ones

Galaxy Fox is a budding meme coin hoping to be the main currency in the web3 space. Like $SNEK, $GFOX will also be a deflationary meme coin. Galaxy Fox will function on the Ethereum network and will have a web3 game that you can play to earn. $GFOX holders can also earn by staking their tokens on the platform. Staking rewards come from Galaxy Fox Stargate. This is where 2% of the total transaction value is automatically deposited. It is the hub of reward for staked $GFOX tokens. 

Apart from being a member of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem, you can benefit from the ERC-20 token’s profitability by joining its presale. The new meme coin with web3 utility is currently buzzing on presale, and it’s tipped to be among the top gainers when it gets listed on retail exchanges. Per analysts, $GFOX has higher profit potential and lower risk possibilities than $BONK and $SNEK and could outperform both this year. 


Meme coins have made various top 10 altcoins lists, indicating bullish sentiment for the market sector. $BONK and $SNEK could have another impressive run this year, but most attention is on the buzzing $GFOX. It could experience a massive surge after presale. Hence, joining the presale now seems smart. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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