Shibarium’s Positive Effect on BONE: Crypto Analyst Predicts Long-Term Price at $10 Mark

Whale.Guru, a prominent figure in the crypto community, recently hinted at the imminent launch of Shibarium. This new blockchain platform is expected to utilize $BONE as its primary gas fee, similar to how Ethereum uses $ETH. This revelation has sparked significant interest among developers and users alike, as both groups will require $BONE to operate on the Shibarium blockchain.

Whale.Guru’s predictions suggest a short-term price range of $2-3 for $BONE, with a long-term potential of reaching $8-10. It’s noteworthy that Shibarium is yet to be made live, and $BONE has yet to debut on any tier-1 Centralized Exchanges (CEX).

SHIB GUY, another influential crypto enthusiast, highlighted the impressive growth of $BONE since its inception. The cryptocurrency has witnessed a staggering 457.18% increase, touching an all-time high of USD 41.67 in the month of September in 2021. Such figures indicate the immense potential and trust investors have placed in $BONE.

SHIB KNIGHT further emphasized the correlation between $BONE and $SHIB’s market movements. Recent trends show that $BONE often mirrors the price pumps of $SHIB, indicating a strong interrelation between the two tokens.

Speculations and Market Predictions

Bone SumerOfShibarium, known as @shib555 on social media, presented an intriguing perspective on $BONE’s potential market cap. Drawing a comparison with $BNB’s market cap, the crypto analyst speculated that if $BONE were to achieve a similar market cap, its price could range between $160 to $480. This view has garnered significant support from various quarters of the crypto community.

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Furthermore, current market trends show $BONE bullish, with a recent price surge of 5.04%. This uptrend further solidifies the positive sentiment surrounding the token.

The crypto world is abuzz with speculations and predictions regarding $BONE’s future, especially with the anticipated launch of Shibarium. As developers and users gear up for this new blockchain platform, the demand for $BONE will rise exponentially. With its historical performance and current market trends, $BONE is undoubtedly a token to watch out for in the coming months.

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