Shiba Inu vs Meme Moguls (MGLS): Unveiling the Memes with the Greater Gains Potential

Shiba Inu is making significant advancements in the DeFi market. Its Layer-2 platform, Shibarium, is pioneering ecosystem developments, making Shiba Inu much more than just another meme coin. 

But now, Shiba Inu faces a new challenge. Meme Moguls is an innovative altcoin offering a unique P2E concept. It quickly gained traction and is now on track to hit a $2 million milestone. Here’s how the two projects compare. 

Shibarium Developments Pioneer Shiba Inu Growth In Q1

The release of Shibarium in 2023 has been a game changer for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The Layer-2 scalability platform has already attracted over 1.3 million unique wallet addresses and has been used to process 304 million transactions as of January 31. 

Upon launch, developers aimed for 10 million transactions in six months, though this target was almost met on a single day in December, during which 7.52 million transactions were made. Now, the Shiba Inu developers have even bigger plans for 2024. 

Shiba Inu’s marketing head, Lucie, recently announced that developers plan to integrate over 1,000 new projects into the Shibarium ecosystem in 2024. This growth is expected to drive up Shiba Inu’s price, which has made many investors bullish about SHIB’s long-term growth. 

Additional announcements from team members have hinted at several new collaborations in 2024. While none of these have been officially announced, these collaborations will increase Shiba Inu’s utility, putting the meme coin in a strong position. 

However, despite more announcements, Shiba Inu experienced a price correction in January. In total, it decreased by 14.73% and is now trading at $0.000009006. This recent decrease has caused Shiba Inu’s daily trading volume to drop below $100 million, making Shiba Inu the 61st-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap. 

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Meme Moguls Presale Momentum Continues To Snowball

Investors looking for better returns in the short term may be better off investing in Meme Moguls. This hot new presale is up 90% since it started and is poised for 100x returns within a year of its release. Having already attracted thousands of investors, Meme Moguls is now selling out faster than ever as investors look to capitalize on one of the market’s best-selling presales. 

Meme Moguls is a unique new platform that combines memes and investments. It introduces a one-of-a-kind trading platform where players can invest in a virtual stock market. This marketplace will showcase a range of meme-based assets, which will fluctuate in value like a traditional stock market. 

Within this unique ecosystem, players will have several opportunities to generate profits. Aside from staking $MGLS tokens, investors will be able to compete in events and exciting tournaments and will also be ranked in an in-game leaderboard. The top 20 ranked players will then earn a share of a prize pool every month.

To give early investors peace of mind, Meme Moguls has been audited by Solid Proof, and team tokens are locked for 2 years. Additionally, token liquidity will be locked for five years to remove any risk of the project being rugged. 

Meme Moguls is currently in the 5th stage of its presale. $MGLS tokens are selling for $0.0036 and are selling out fast. Based on the project’s current growth rate, analysts predict that $MGLS could pass $0.19 within a year. 

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) Presale: 

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