$SHIB Transactions See Major Decline While this New Memecoin is Burning Up the Charts

Despite experiencing a remarkable 2023 , some top altcoins like $SHIB began the new year with poor performances, notably with a significant loss to its daily transaction number. 

However, $GFOX, the native token of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem continues to rise. Drawing many investors to participate in its excellent presale journey. This new coin has already witnessed over 160% increase in its value in the presale stages.

Shibarium’s Daily Transaction Halves at New year 

Shiba Inu has shown some excellence with several achievements and upgrades to its network in 2023. However, these achievements couldn’t prevent it from experiencing a massive drop in its daily transactions. By extension the daily transaction drop also causes decline in the price of $SHIB. 

An on-chain data recently revealed the daily transactions on Shibarium Network ( the layer 2 blockchain network built on Ethereum for Shiba Inu) declined by almost 50%. Before then, the daily transactions averaged at about 7 million transactions; however, after December 29, the number of daily transactions reduced from  7  to 4 million. 

Also, before the drop in the daily transactions, $SHIB traded around $0.0000107. Seven days later, it declined by about 9% to trade at the current market price of $0.000009754 at the time of writing. To address $SHIB’s falling price, the Shibarium team decided to convert some of the transaction fees made from the network to $SHIB and burn those tokens. 

$SHIB burns are meant to trigger a rise in $SHIB’s price because it reduces the amount of $SHIB in circulation, and therefore should increase the demand and value of the token. Despite this effort, uncertainty concerning the memecoin’s future still persists. However, experts claim that if Shiba Inu must regain its ground, it should endeavor to attract users and boost its declining daily transaction volume.


450% ROI: $GFOX Edges Closer to Target

Smashing the chats or attempting to hit incredible price marks is challenging for most top cryptocurrencies. However, $GFOX is making it seem like an easy job. With its price having risen remarkably by over 160% in its presale, and a projected 450% ROI for early investors in a few months. This token is set to expand and excel significantly in the crypto world.

Although it is a relatively new token, it is increasingly becoming popular, as it offers lots of opportunities that can help token holders maximize their experience with cryptocurrency. Token holders can earn through staking, play-to-earn gaming and token partnerships. On its P2E platform, there is also a prize pool which consistently rewards top performers and is regularly replenished from the treasury fund.

$GFOX’s influence also extends across the world of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). During its presale, the platform aims to release about 3000 NFTs. These NFTs will be available on the platform’s official site for minting and trading on popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Galaxy Fox will also launch its native marketplace where users can trade NFTs, purchase in-game attributes etc.

$GFOX’s  has ten presale stages which  is carefully structured to allow investors earn profits on their initial investments on each stages of the presale. Currently in stage 6, participating in the exciting journey is not too late. With just $50 you can cop almost thirty thousand $GFOX tokens and with a guaranteed price increment in the last four stages of the presale too, your investment will also be in profits.


Although Shiba Inu can impress investors with significant growth and price increase, it must work on increasing daily transactions within its network. On the other hand, $GFOX is already performing beyond the norms with just its presale stage. It grants investors juicy opportunities to enjoy a mouthwatering ROI and make the most out of the crypto space.

No! It’s not too late to participate in $GFOX’s presale. Click the link below to buy now! visit the website and join the telegram channel to know more.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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