$SHIB Flash Crash Sees 50% Nosedive on Coinbase; $GFOX Rallies Despite Market Drop

Investors who thought the bull market would be one enormous ride upward are starting to learn the hard way that leverage flushes are a common event. Over-leveraged perp traders were annihilated when Bitcoin ($BTC) was rejected at its ATH. The Shiba Inu ($SHIB) flash crash saw a 50% nosedive on Coinbase, and more than $1 billion was liquidated across markets.

Holding spot is preferred by many investors for precisely this reason. Investors face no liquidation risk, and blowing up a portfolio in this stage of the bull market before the mania phase begins is tragic. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) rallies despite market drop, and anybody who wants to learn how to buy new crypto before listing has a perfect opportunity with this up-and-comer.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Flash Crash

Shiba Inu saw a brutal flash crash, and anybody trading on Coinbase witnessed an ugly candle. This liquidation flush was perfectly executed. Memecoin mania was running red hot, Bitcoin was moving towards its ATH, and everybody expected a massive breakout and up-only until infinity. Open interest skyrocketed as traders took out irresponsible leveraged positions, and then the sweep happened. 

This brutal candle wicked down more than 50% and evaporated millions, if not billions of dollars of $SHIB longs in minutes. There was a quick recovery; anybody with stablecoin on hand to buy dips would have almost doubled their money in just as short a period.

Investors need to prepare themselves for more liquidation flushes. Even though Shiba Inu is a top crypto to buy this cycle, it does not mean traders will be immune to drops, and those who trade with excessive leverage are always the first to get liquidated. Observe the $SHIB candle and treat it as a reminder of why buying and holding spot bags is advantageous for more than 99% of market participants. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Rallying Despite Market Drop

Galaxy Fox has been moving like a bat out of hell. The transition from Stage 8 to Stage 9 of its presale saw a price leap from $0.002178 to $0.002376. While markets were falling apart, $GFOX posted a 9% gain, and this appears to be the start of a far larger movement upwards.

Since crossing $4 million raised, Galaxy Fox’s momentum has only intensified, and the hype for its retail launch is reaching a fever pitch. Investing in presales and learning how to buy new crypto before listing is a great way to leverage up crypto exposure. While technically, no leverage is involved, the upside potential from early-stage investments in presales is similar to the upside of a 100X leverage trade. The central advantage is that presale investors cannot be liquidated!

Galaxy Fox’s hybrid model is challenging what it means to be a memecoin, and the play-to-earn component has drawn GameFi investors into the mix. A global competition will occur each season, and those who end the leaderboard in the top 20% will earn prizes. Everything is up for grabs with Galaxy Fox’s thrilling endless runner game.

However, $GFOX is one of the top 5 cryptos to buy now because of its tokenomics model. Staking rewards let users earn, the token burn reduces total supply, and all $GFOX stakers generate native yield on an asset with a falling supply! 

Closing Thoughts: Avoid Leverage & Buy Value Early 

The massive flash crash on Shiba Inu should serve as a lesson to traders about the dangers of leverage. Even less leveraged positions would have been liquidated in this nightmare 50% candle. But how do you generate massive returns without leverage? Buy value early! Learn how to buy new crypto before listing.

Galaxy Fox is a prime example. This presale has 100X potential, and investors do not need to use leverage to achieve outrageous returns. Want to unlock the upside of $GFOX in your portfolio? Become an early adopter of $GFOX today.  

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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