Searching for the Next BONK? Crypto Analyst Unveils Solana Token Dashboard

Crypto influencer Crypto Koryo, who has over 30,000 Twitter followers, unveiled a new dashboard for tracking promising new Solana tokens in search of the next BONK-like explosion.

With the massive 1700% pump in meme token BONK prompting investors to hunt for the next 1000x altcoin, Koryo believes there is big potential in lesser-known Solana tokens. He highlights that trading volumes on Solana decentralized exchanges have gone parabolic lately.

His custom dashboard divides Solana tokens into three categories based on monthly trading volume – mid-caps, small caps, and micro caps. It displays the top 15 best performing tokens from the past month in each segment, showing mid-cap tokens like MOBILE, FONK, and ORCA have outperformed.

Additional data helps identify tokens with strong trading activity and liquidity versus potential low volume pump and dumps. An overview chart compares the top tokens across categories, validating the mid-cap tokens as best performers on average recently.

Koryo advises focusing on one category rather than spreading across illiquid micro-caps. He suggests complimenting meme tokens with an additional sector based on preferences. Investors should buy positions over a couple weeks during dips in a shortlist of 4-10 researched tokens.

Koryo specifically calls out to focus on memes as one of the two token sectors to target, stating “One should be memes for sure.” This reinforces the potential to find the next viral meme coin on Solana that can see explosive growth.

The analysis cautions to avoid the lowest liquidity micro-cap tokens that are more susceptible to pumping and dumping unless you specialize in that area. So a degree of liquidity filters out more speculative plays.

As mentioned briefly already, Koryo notes how the dashboard categorizations are fluid based on recent performance. This means brand new listings showing immediate traction can jump to mid-caps rapidly, so keeping up with fast movers is key.

The dashboard is dynamic, so investors can rotate into newly listed tokens showing strong early price action and volume. It aims to cut through the noise in hunting for that perfect combination of strong fundamentals and meme potential to deliver the next 1000% Solana pump.

The full dashboard can be accessed here. Crypto Koryo plans to continually enhance it with new features for researching hidden gem tokens on Solana and other chains.

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Petar Jovanović
Petar Jovanović

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