Rollbit ($RLB) Sees $38 Million Bets In September As Bulls Return, But Can This Alternative Provide Higher Returns After Raising $850,000?

Rollbit ($RLB) is up by a small 4% this week as the cryptocurrency starts to climb following a report that the platform is seeing widespread usage.

The report stated that over $38 million was generated across the platform’s three revenue streams in September, showing increased adoption of its services.

The token surged following the news but has retraced during the overall market slump.

Meanwhile, investors are turning their attention to lesser-known Rollbit competitors that potentially have a better chance to provide higher returns, considering Rollbit has already reached a whopping $400 million market cap.

In particular, TG.Casino ($TGC) continues to gain traction after its fundraising crossed the $850,000 milestone this week as investors expect higher returns from this newly emerging competitor.

Rollbit Recorded $38 Million in Bets As Ecosystem Develops.

The Rollbit ecosystem continues to gain increased adoption, as the team stated that over $38 million had been generated through its three revenue streams.

Rollbit is a crypto-based casino allowing 1000x futures leverage trading and arcade games.

The majority of the fees were generated from the crypto futures trading side, and only 10% from the casino – showing that the casino isn’t really gaining traction – likely due to its minimal games provided.

Nevertheless, the increased platform adoption is great news to investors as they expect further price surges moving forward.

Let’s take a look at where the market is headed.

$RLB Price Analysis: Where Is The Market Headed?

Despite optimistic reports, $RLB is now down by over 50% from the all-time highs set in August this year.

The cryptocurrency climbed above $0.22 but has since dropped to reach as low as $0.1 during September, where it found support at a .618 Fib Retracement.

Following the news of the whopping $38 million revenue generated on the platform, $RLB surged as high as $0.16.

It has since retraced to reach $0.12 earlier this week;

Looking ahead, the first support lies at $0.12.

This is followed by support at $0.1 (.618 Fib), $0.08, and $0.065 (.786 Fib).

On the other side, resistance lies at $0.14, $0.16, and $0.18 (1.272 Fib Extension).

Can This Alternative Provide Higher Returns? $850,000 Raised

As Rollbit continues its expansion, investors are turning their attention to a lesser-known competitors capable of producing higher returns at this stage in Rollbit’s lifespan.

As you know, the success of Rollbit was extraordinary – producing over 30,000% for early adopters.

However, investors today would need to see the market cap of Rollbit increase by $400 million to provide a 2x return.

As a result, investors are turning their attention to becoming early adopters of Rollbit competitors capable of producing the 50x returns that Rollbit provided in its surge.

In particular, TG.Casino ($TGC) emerges as a standout investment as traders rush to get positioned early, pushing its presale beyond $850,000.

Leveraging Telegram and Introducing Revenue-Sharing With Deflation

TG.Casino is a cutting-edge platform leveraging the security, speed, and user base of Telegram by offering a seamless crypto-based gaming experience directly in the application.

The project intends to build a value-driven revenue stream for passive income to holders that are provided and stabilized through a share of the platform’s profits.

In addition, it integrates a deflationary mechanism that makes the $TGC token more scarce over time, leading to a higher value through scarcity.

The platform supports hundreds of highly-polished games that rival traditional online casino giants today, provided through the same gaming providers, such as Evolution, AMATIC, and NetEnt.

TG.Casino also integrates its own sportsbook and has a wide variety of live games.

The presale for the token raised $100,000 in its first few minutes from Web3 circles and blue-tick Twitter influencers – all keen to become early adopters of this project designed to revolutionize crypto-based gaming.

$TGC token has a clever revenue-sharing model integrating deflation into the ecosystem to provide long-term value.

Casinos’ profits are used to buy back $TGC tokens from the open market, which are burnt and redistributed to stakers on the network.

The combination of a rising demand from buybacks and a falling supply from token burns has investors believing $TGC can provide 100x returns to early adopters.

The team will use a percentage of its daily profits in the buyback. Of the tokens purchased, 40% is sent to a burn address for deflation, and 60% is sent to stakers to provide a passive income.

The presale is quickly gaining rapid momentum after hitting the $850,000 milestone, closing in on its $1 million goal.

You can purchase $TGC for $0.125 using ETH, BNB, or USDT for the purchase,

With the project closing in on its initial $1 million milestone, time is of the essence to get positioned.

Following its presale, the Telegram-based casino will launch, and the project is slated for at least 50x returns.

Buy $TGC Today.

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