RLB Analysis: Rollbit Looking Bullish Inside Channel, But This Alternative Might Provide Much Higher Gains With $1.75 Million Already Raised

Rollbit ($RLB) continues to look promising inside a bullish price channel after setting a new all-time high price at $0.248.

Despite this, investors are starting to look at alternatives, believing they can provide much higher gains relative to the current Rollbit market cap.

In particular, TG.Casino ($TGC) continues to turn heads as the brightest alternative after raising $1.75 million due to its unique revenue-sharing and deflationary model.

RLB Analysis: How High Can Rollbit Run Inside This Bullish Channel?

Rollbit ($RLB) has been on an absolute tear in recent weeks after surging by a whopping 60% over the past month.

The cryptocurrency recently set a new all-time high price at $0.248 as it continues to trade inside a rising price channel.

The sudden surge has allowed Rollbit to climb in the market cap rankings as it enters the top 70-ranked projects, putting it ahead of heavyweights like Trust Wallet, KuCoin Shares, ApeCoin, and Chiliz.

The all-time high was set yesterday as $RLB hit predicted resistance at $0.248, provided by a  1.618 Fib Extension. This level was highlighted in our previous analysis, released last week.

$RLB has rolled over since hitting this resistance and is now trading at $0.215;

Looking ahead, the first support levels lie at $0.2 and $0.19 (.382 Fib Retracement & lower boundary of price channel).

Beneath the price channel, support is expected at $0.171 (.5 Fib), $0.153 (.618 Fib), and $0.14.

On the other side, resistance is first expected at the all-time high price.

Above $0.25, resistance lies at $0.26 (1.272 Fib Extension), $0.282 (1.414 Fib Extension), and $0.3 (1.414 Fib Extension – blue).

Why Are Investors Looking at Alternatives Options Already?

While Rollbit continues to look bullish, investors are already looking at alternative options to buy that have the potential to provide much higher returns.

This is because they realize that Rollbit’s upside gains are somewhat limited at these elevated market caps.

With Rollbit currently sitting at a $720 million market cap, the project must reach a $1.44 billion market cap to provide a small 2x return.

As a result, the risk-to-reward profile is rather muted for Rollbit for new investors, and they’re looking for better options.

In turn, TG.Casino ($TGC) continues to turn heads as a perfect alternative after raising $1.75 million.

TG.Casino Raises $1.75 Million as Investors Rush for Deflationary Revenue Sharing.

The TG.Casino ($TGC) fundraising continues to snowball after crossing the $1.75 million milestone.

Investors are rushing to this alternative due to its unique revenue-sharing model integrating deflation into the economy.

TG.Casino is pushing the boundaries of the online casino industry, bringing a cutting-edge platform that leverages the user base and security of Telegram.

The platform provides a seamless gaming experience, allowing all of Telegram’s 1 billion user base instant access to a crypto-based casino without leaving the messenger application.

TG.Casino is bringing two of the industry’s hottest trends together into one platform by blending Telegram bots with online casinos.

Investors are confident in the future potential of the casino as it’s fully incensed and offers a wide variety of highly polished casino games that can rival the online casino giants.

The project’s smart contracts have been fully audited by Coinsult, bringing peace of mind to investors.

Furthermore, although users can play with a range of major cryptocurrencies, those playing with $TGC earn additional rewards and benefits.

However, the main reason traders are backing this as a Rollbit alternative is due to its revenue-sharing model that introduces deflation into the economy.

It’s designed to provide a passive income stream to all holders while introducing a falling supply.

The team will use a share of all the revenues to buy back $TGC tokens from DEXs, providing it with consistent demand.

Of the $TGC purchased, 60% is distributed to stakers to provide a passive income, and 40% is sent to a burner wallet to be removed from circulation.

The combination of a rising demand and a falling supply has experts predicting 100x returns for this Rollbit alternative for early adopters.

Lastly, those staking their $TGC tokens also earn 295% APY on their assets, increasing their passive income.

Just Five Days to Go At Current Prices

The good news is that you have the opportunity to become an early adopter of this token, but that time is quickly running out.

The presale is currently selling the $TGC token for $0.15.

However, due to the rising pricing strategy, the cost of the token is set to increase in just five days from now.

Therefore, those getting in early benefit from the lower entry price.

Overall, TG.Casino is set for explosive growth following its presale as it sets to go head-to-head and replicate Rollbit’s price performance.

Visit the TG.Casino Presale Today

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