Emerging 20x Meme Coin Meme Moguls Set to Surpass Bonk, Axie Infinity, and Shiba Inu 

Bonk, Axie Infinity, and Shiba Inu are three coins that have shown a bullish trajectory in 2023. However, a new meme coin has emerged that will rival all three.

Analysts have predicted a 20x surge for the new meme coin, Meme Moguls. This makes it the top crypto to buy now for more gains in 2024.

Bonk (BONK) Up 67% on the Weekly Chart

Bonk, a cryptocurrency launched on December 29th, 2022, saw a 766% in its first week of trading. This surge occurred even though the overall market was in a downturn. 

Starting January 5th, Bonk’s value began to fall, and its price stayed near its lowest recorded levels for most of the year. Then, on October 21st, 2023, Bonk started to recover and experienced a substantial increase in its value. 

As of December, Bonk trades between $0.00000951 and $0.00003286 with a 67% weekly gain. If the bullish momentum persists, Bonk could see more gains before the end of 2023.

Axie Infinity (AXS) Rallies: Is a New Price Level Coming?

Axie Infinity (AXS) has experienced a huge surge in the last month. The price of the ERC20 token has grown from a one-month low of $5.48 to a high of $7.91. This demonstrates the high level of investor interest in the gaming token. Surprisingly, the Axie Infinity price has risen 9.6% in the last month. 

The technical indicators of Axie Infinity have turned positive. This means the token could rise to new levels in the coming weeks. Besides, investors are counting on the Axie Infinity crypto to reach $9 before the end of 2023.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Sets New 2023 High 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) reached a new high for 2023, surpassing $0.000012 on Sunday. This price spike occurred following the introduction of new trading pairs, including SHIB/FDUSD, with no trade fees by Binance. On-chain data analysis suggests that traders reacted positively to the announcement. They have placed many buy orders on Binance for Shiba Inu coins.

Shiba Inu bulls could leap to new highs if they capitalize on the bullish media atmosphere. On the 7-day chart of CoinMarketCap, the Shiba Inu price is priced between $0.00000926 and $0.00001165. Its price has increased 6.9% in the last week.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) Poised for 20x Gains

While Bonk, Axie Infinity, and Shiba Inu are up on the market, an emerging meme coin, Meme Moguls (MGLS), has stolen the spotlight with its 20x forecast. Investors are now buying the ERC20 coin in large numbers. Let’s see what Meme Moguls is all about. 

Meme Moguls combines the fun of a memecoin with the engagement of a play-to-earn token. This offers a unique blend of practical utility that sets it apart in the crypto industry. It is not just another token; it is a Defi project with goals aiming to surpass other meme coins in the market.

The Meme Moguls’ gaming arena is both an entertain­ment and education platform at its core. Here, users can learn the principles and methods of investing and accumulating wealth by investing in a simulated environment.

With $100,000 in virtual deposit at the beginning of the game, players can design their investment plans. They play this engaging game, learning up-to-date best practices for investments and discovering new ideas. The game has taken steps to promote diverse investment strategies. 

Meme Moguls limits players from investing more than 20% of their virtual portfolio in any single asset. This approach of combining education with entertainment makes it the best Defi project. Meme Moguls MGLS token is currently up for sale at only $0.0023 with a 20x gain on the horizon.


Analysts have picked Meme Moguls as the top crypto to buy among the four coins: Bonk, Axie Infinity, Shiba Inu, and Meme Moguls.

Besides its 20x price forecast, Meme Moguls also offers holders other utilities. These include staking rewards, access to top gains and NFTs and lots more.

Learn more about the $MGLS here:

Visit Meme Moguls | Join the Community

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