Ripple’s XRP vs PayPal: Who Would Win?

Members of the crypto community are currently discussing on Twitter which international payment system is better: Ripples XRP or PayPal?

Is Ripples XRP slower than PayPal?

The argument begins with a tweet by Bitcoin Maximist and Trader Tone Vays: The analyst indirectly criticizes Ripple as too slow, comparing it to PayPal – the global online payment system that uses Fiat currencies.

Ripple supporters, of course, refute the claims. Twitter user XRPistul, for example, writes that he waited three days for his money with Paypal. In addition, the online payment system charges “a huge commission”. Interestingly, the PayPal support bot also joins the thread and apologizes for the inconvenience.

Looking at the facts, XRP transactions take several seconds from wallet to wallet and several minutes between crypto exchanges.

Although PayPal can process transactions between its accounts within seconds, all bank transfers can take several days, depending on the bank.

So you can argue: XRP is not slower – at least not when it comes to transactions from wallet to wallet.

Analyst and Twitter user Willy Woo adds that Ripplenet doesn’t even use XRP when it comes to money transfers. He wonders why people want to see XRP perform when it has little to no impact on the success of Ripple Labs.

Last year compared Ripple’s transactions per second to those of VISA and PayPal. According to the results, XRP could process on average six times more transactions per second than PayPal.

According to the analysis:

“It was surprising to see Ripple come in second and beat PayPal with a whopping 1,307 transactions per second. This shows that Ripple might be able to be a viable payment solution on a much larger scale.”

Is XRP better than Bitcoin?

Vay’s original tweet is an answer to the Twitter user XRP_Cro, who laughed at those who believe “that Bitcoin is king”.

Vays argues that Bitcoin has many other properties that distinguish it from Ripple. These include the fact that Bitcoin accounts cannot be censored and funds cannot be confiscated.

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