Render Network (RNDR), Bella Protocol (BEL), and These 5 Tokens Are Binance-Backed Projects with 100x Potential

The backing of industry giants like Binance can be a game-changer for promising projects in the crypto industry. According to crypto trader and analyst JetStart (@0xStartt), Binance has an impressive track record of identifying and supporting tokens that have gone on to deliver staggering 100x returns. JetStart highlights seven Binance-backed projects that possess the potential for similarly remarkable growth.

One notable example cited by JetStart is $ARKM, which launched at $0.8 but dipped to $0.28 before skyrocketing to $4 within seven months, yielding a 15x return for those with the patience and conviction to hold through the volatility. As JetStart emphasizes, “Binance investments are always profitable, but you need to be a diamond hand to profit with Binance.”

  1. Beefy Finance ($BIFI): A decentralized finance (DeFi) platform positioned as a yield optimizer, Beefy Finance aims to increase liquidity and provide attractive annual percentage yields (APY) for projects. With a current market cap of around $33.05 million and a price of $411.4, JetStart expects a 5x increase this year.
  2. Radiant ($RDNT): Building the first omnichain money market atop LayerZero, Radiant capitalizes on the narratives around real-world assets (RWA) and LayerZero hype. With a market cap of approximately $153.9 million and a price of $0.32, JetStart believes this Binance-backed project could become the next 100x token.
  3. Treasure DAO ($MAGIC): As a community-driven gaming ecosystem striving to build a gaming and entertainment powerhouse, Treasure DAO has caught JetStart’s attention. With a market cap of around $295.33 million and a price of $1.13, JetStart anticipates a potential 15x gain during this bull run, driven by the project’s positioning in the GameFi market.
  4. Fusionist ($ACE): Focused on delivering scalable and sustainable next-generation Web3 games, Fusionist’s ambitious goals have JetStart bullish on the project’s prospects. With a market cap of approximately $244.3 million and a price of $10.96, JetStart sees significant potential in this Binance-backed gaming company.
  5. StaFi Protocol ($FIS): As the first multi-chain liquid staking protocol unlocking liquidity for staked assets, StaFi Protocol aims to solve the trade-off between mainnet security and token liquidity in proof-of-stake (PoS) networks. With a market cap of around $43.6 million and a price of $0.72, JetStart has made a substantial bet on this project, citing the potential for Ethereum investments with its support for PoS.
  6. Bella Protocol ($BEL): Offering automated services, gas fee coverage, and serving both new and experienced users, Bella Protocol is seen as an invaluable tool for builders in the crypto space. With a market cap of approximately $63.08 million and a price of $0.96, JetStart believes in the project’s irreplaceable nature.
  7. Render Network ($RNDR): As a top provider of decentralized GPU-based rendering solutions, Render Network is transforming the digital creation process with its unique technology. With a market cap of around $4.19 billion and a price of $11.00, JetStart considers this project a long-term play with the potential for 10x or even 30x gains.
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While the allure of 100x returns is undeniably enticing, JetStart’s analysis serves as a reminder that patience, risk management, and a discerning eye are crucial when navigating the volatile world of cryptocurrencies. As the industry continues to evolve, the backing of industry titans like Binance could prove invaluable for projects seeking to stand out and capture the imagination of investors.

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

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