Registrations Now Open: Golden Inuverse – The Highly Anticipated P2E Game

In an exciting development, the long-awaited announcement of the new play-to-earn game by Golden Inu has finally arrived.

On June 22nd, the developers unveiled in a blog post that registrations are now open for $GOLDEN token holders. Crypto traders holding a minimum of US$10 worth of tokens can easily sign up for an account to access this crypto-paying game.

To join the game’s whitelist, which provides exclusive updates, sneak peeks, and unique gameplay features, early participants can take advantage of this opportunity. While not officially confirmed, being part of the whitelist is highly likely to grant players a head start in growing their in-game currency.

What to Expect from Golden Inuverse Gameplay?

Golden Inuverse introduces players to an immersive play-to-earn game powered by cryptocurrencies. Within this virtual world, players can embark on exploration, engage in battles, and participate in virtual trading activities.

At the heart of this gaming experience lies the Golden Inu Token, driving the in-game economy and offering players the chance to earn rewards. Dive into the excitement of this dynamic gameplay environment as you navigate the Golden Inuverse, utilizing the unique features of the Golden Inu Token for an engaging and potentially lucrative gaming experience.

Golden Inuverse Roadmap

Following the announcement of whitelist registrations, the project behind the game has already released several important dates related to the game, including its official launch.

On July 21st, the team plans to unveil exclusive gameplay footage, providing players with a deeper understanding of its potential.

A month later, a live beta version of the game will be available on the blockchain for registered players. Finally, on September 21st, the official launch of version 1.0 will take place, allowing everyone to access the game.

As Axie Infinity’s token experiences a downward trend, the emergence of Golden Inu presents a fresh and unique perspective on the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) gaming.

While Axie Infinity struggles to maintain its momentum, Golden Inu is set to offer an unparalleled gaming experience that combines the excitement of play-to-earn mechanics with the potential for financial rewards.

Golden Inuverse will launch after the completion of the $Golden [ERC-20] token presale. However, it is the BEP20 token [available on PancakeSwap] that will likely be initially used for in-game activities. The Binance Chain version of the token has recently surged in value by nearly 200%.

Furthermore, it is expected that the ETH token will become an optional choice for gameplay. The Ethereum-based [ERC-20] token will be utilized for the upcoming Golden Inu token’s Decentralized Exchange.

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Rene Peters

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