Read this if you doubt your crypto investment: Five most bullish bitcoin predictions

Bull Run incoming. That is the motto of the Bitcoin-Permabulls. 100,000, 200,000, 1 million US dollars per Bitcoin? There are no limits once you start dreaming. We put on the dollar glasses and throw a view of the five most bullish forecasts for the price development of the crypto currency No. 1

1st Max Keiser: 100,000 US dollars, date unknown

Let’s start moderately. According to crypto-Early-Adopter Max Keiser we have to put 100.000 US-Dollar on the table for one Bitcoin.

Keiser justifies his prognosis, apart from the chart, with the vague statement that Fiat currencies are a “barbaric relic” and will be replaced by BTC.

2nd Thomas Lee: 125,000 US dollars until 2023

Sometime between 2021 and 2023 the time has come: A Bitcoin is worth over 125,000 US dollars. At least that’s what Thomas Lee believes.

This prognosis is not completely unfounded, because Lee is the founder of Fundstrat. The company analyses market data and has proven its ability in estimating price developments in the past.

Tom Lee: I want to be clear, bitcoin is going to $25,000 by year end

Meanwhile Lee still believes in “white Christmas”. His bet: Bitcoin to 25,000 US dollars by the end of the year.

3rd Tim Draper: 250,000 US dollars by 2022

With the help of the holy crypto spirit and a glass ball, venture capitalist Tim Draper takes a look into the future from minute nine. Drum roll, please:

“$250,000 per Bitcoin by 2022. They think you’re crazy, but it happens, it’ll be insane.”


Tim Draper’s Block Party 2018 Bitcoin Prediction

Of course, you can also play the price forecast. But you’ll miss the highlight of the video: Draper’s singing starting with minute three. It’s worth it.

4th Jeremy Liew and Peter Smith 500,000 US dollars until 2030

Jeremy Liew is known as one of the first investors in Snapchat. In a presentation he gave together with Blockchain CEO Peter Smith, Liew appears to be a Bitcoin enthusiast. By 2030, each Bitcoin will be worth half a million US dollars.

The two of them provide an explanation at the same time. The argument is primarily based on Bitcoin’s suitability for international money transfers. Liew and Smith expect “that the percentage of Bitcoin-based remittances will increase sharply as awareness of Bitcoin increases.

The background to this argumentation is discussed here.

5 John McAfee $1 million by 2020

And the Oscar goes to… John McAfee doesn’t dispute the title of ultimate bull much. One million US dollars per Bitcoin by 2020? Wow. You can be surprised at so much optimism. Especially since “a lot” is at stake. We remember this legendary tweet of the legendary software magnate:

His original bet, 500,000 US dollars by the end of 2020, seemed “conservative” to McAfee. So he promptly doubled it to one million Bitcoin or “Bircoin,” as McAfee wrongly writes. Bircoin is also the name of the website that compares the actual price trend with the forecast. Since May 2018, however, BTC has been trading below target.

To make it even better, the Bitcoin price would have to rise by an average of 0.5 percent per day. However, this sounds like a daring thesis.

So will we all get rich?

What the bulls have in common is their criticism of the dusty fiat money system. Part of the narrative is therefore the (partial) displacement of classic central bank money by Bitcoin & Co. Should this happen, the predictions are no longer so outrageous.

In addition, over 80 percent of the tokens are already mined. In about two years’ time, the next Coinbase Reward Halving will take place, and then the growth of the money supply will be even slower. With increasing demand – and this is becoming apparent – the course according to Adam Riese knows only one direction.


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Sarah Wurfel

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