Q4 Brings Unprecedented Growth to Polkadot Network; Promising Returns Expected for Hedera and The Graph Alternative

Data on Polkadot’s (DOT) performance during the fourth quarter of last year was recently released. According to this information, Polkadot had a stellar performance, cutting across multiple sectors of the project. Polkadot’s network activity surged in Q4 2023, the demand for Polkadots increased, and the uptick in DOT demand led to a spike in the network’s revenue.

Some other promising players in the crypto scene are Hedera (HBAR) and InQubeta (QUBE). Both tokens are taking the cryptocurrency market by storm, with Hedera striking a massive partnership with billion-dollar company Hitachi US. Meanwhile, InQubeta has maintained the bullish wave that has shot it to widespread adoption. The performance of both DeFi companies has given them significant investment interest, spurring expectations of promising returns.

Let’s explore Polkadot’s Q4 performance and the expected profits for HBAR and QUBE.

InQubeta’s (QUBE) Recent Performance Triggers Expectations Of Explosive Gains 

For investors looking to invest in promising, high-performing cryptocurrency platforms, InQubeta is the best crypto investment, especially as it’s at a discount. Its ongoing presale event allows investors to hoard as many QUBE tokens as they want at a discount price of $0.0224. Holders of this token are rewarded with a high-growth cryptocurrency and are positioned to make millions of dollars from the AI sector. The high demand triggered by these offerings has earned the platform a milestone sum of over $9.4 million raised during the crypto ICO event.

Industry experts expect a meteoric surge for InQubeta soon, pegging their optimism on the platform’s explosive early-stage performance and enticing features. The platform promises future-proof investment in NFTs linked to AI technologies, making it the best crypto investment for cryptocurrency traders and Web3 users. QUBE holders also have a shot at earning passive income by staking their tokens, another reason investors have dubbed it an alternative to The Graph.

The impressive sale of over 781 million QUBE shows that demand for the token is at all-time highs. It also confirms that QUBE is a profitable investment, more so considering the rate at which QUBE has rallied. In the short period after the crypto ICO went live, QUBE rocketed 220% from $0.007 in the first stage to $0.00224 in the seventh stage. New investors who seize the opportunity today can squeeze out a fast 37% return before the token’s debut on exchange listings, which investors are optimistic could push QUBE to a hundredfold its current value.

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Hedera’s (HBAR) Innovative Development Strides Hint At Upcoming Bullish Surge

Hedera recently decided to go into business with Hitachi US. By partnering with this company, Hedera plans to use the company’s resources to create a blueprint to help the cryptocurrency platform create an end-to-end supply solution. Hedera teased signs of recovery with its recent performance, pushing up more than 75% from 2022. Even with this growth, the HBAR token is still over 90% down from its all-time high

This Hedera development has proved that the platform is gearing towards more innovation, bringing positive expectations for the token. According to analysts, developments, including better developer tooling, are potential drivers of HBAR’s rally to $0.2 this year. Analysts have shared an even more positive outlook, expecting HBAR to hit $0.33 courtesy of strategic upgrades to its platform and the growth of the blockchain.

Polkadot (DOT) Logs Remarkable Growth In the Last 90 Days Of 2023

The crypto asset tracker Messari found in a recent report that Polkadot ended last year with a surge in user activity. It also found that the average count of daily active addresses on the platform witnessed over 90% growth. The Polkadot platform, whose task was to validate and deliver secure parachains on the network, averaged over 10,000 active addresses on the Layer 0 blockchain platform.

According to Messari, Polkadot’s Relay Chain recorded a rise of over 116% in new users between October and December last year, marking an 8% growth in the platform’s year-to-year demand. During this time, the price of DOT grew by over 100%. Polkadot also had a 2800% rise in its quarterly revenue, totaling over $2.8 million. Although DOT is over 20% down from last month, it still has the potential to surpass last year’s performance.

Final Thoughts

One constant thing in the cryptocurrency market these days is growth. The market-wide bullish momentum experienced in Q4 last year has delivered remarkable growth for Polkadot and other DeFi companies. Hedera and InQubeta are topping the list. Although HBAR is not yet at its peak highs, its recovery hints at a solid bullish uptrend. For InQubeta, things are even better. QUBE has pulled off impressive growth in its presale, boosting the original appeal of the platform. 

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