Pullix (PLX) to Solve Liquidity and Transparency Issues – Captures Interest From Axie Infinity (AXS) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Traders

Axie Infinity (AXS) has recently moved in a bullish momentum and emerged as a standout performer, showcasing its adaptability and resilience throughout the industry. The exceptional performance amid the market fluctuations has resulted in further excitement and anticipation for the digital asset world. 

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) had a similar sentiment, as it climbed 2080% in the past year. Despite this, traders are turning their attention towards the Pullix (PLX) presale, which has raised over $2million and sold over 40million tokens in less than 30 days! Today we will be looking at the on-chart data to see why and will discuss each crypto to discuss why they are the best cryptos to invest in.

Axie Infinity (AXS) Is Above the 50-Day EMAs – Price to Reach $17.12

During the past trading session, Axie Infinity (AXS) has showcased positive price momentum. This is likely bolstered by investor confidence alongside the overall optimistic sentiment in the crypto market that can lead to further increases in the price of the Axie Infinity crypto.

Crypto analyst Arslan Ali is bullish on the crypto and conducted an analysis going over how it can reach $10.41 soon. 

The technical Axie Infinity altcoin analysis reveals that the The Relative Strength Index (RSI), a pivotal market sentiment indicator, is currently at an elevated level of over 80. 

This suggests that AXS is overbought and indicates strong buying trends but caution for potential reversals. Its price has been situated above the 50-day EMAs, and according to the Axie Infinity price prediction, it can reach $17.12 in 2024. 

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) Breaks Above $4 – Sets $7.14 As Next Price Target

NEAR Protocol (NEAR) saw a sudden spike in value that resulted in a 208% increase, sparking considerable interest from traders. The current NEAR Protocol momentum has led to a surge above the $4 price barrier, where the NEAR altcoin moved from $3.22 to $4.58. 

Moreover, the NEAR Protocol market cap is now at $4,119,419,699, while its trading volume is at $419,782,845. The on-chart data suggests a positive outlook as the crypto is above the 50-day and 150-day EMA, which have done a golden crossover with each other. Based on the NEAR Protocol price prediction, it can reach $7.14 in 2024. 

Pullix (PLX) to Solve Liquidity and Transparency Issues in TradFi

Pullix (PLX)  is gaining popularity as it will introduce elements to the TradFi space that can solve key issues ranging from liquidity to transparency. Most DEXs today have faced these difficulties and, as a result, have not gained mainstream adoption. 

As the first community-backed exchange, it will enable anyone to provide liquidity to automated market makers, which can result in competitive pricing and fixed passive capital gains for LPs. By utilizing Pullix, users can access yield farming, staking, and even liquidity provision. Anyone can also engage in the process of trading futures, CFDs, and gain access to secure storage of cryptocurrencies. 

Pullix’s tokenomics are finely tuned for utility, enhancing trader engagement, ensuring sustainability, and fueling platform growth. In its current stage 5 of presale, analysts suggest Pullix might be one of the best coins to invest in, with a potential 10x on the horizon. Pullix tokens are selling for $0.07 right now and with less than 65% of PLX tokens left, it won’t be long before the prices rise again in stage 6 of its presale.


Axie Infinity could break past its major resistance to reach new heights, and NEAR Protocol has already showcased bullish momentum in the market. Pullix can follow in these footsteps and even pass both projects with its growth. During Stage 5, PLX crypto trades for $0.07. At launch, analysts project an upswing of 3,500% fueled by the demand for this presale heavyweight.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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Rene Peters
Rene Peters

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