Pullix (PLX) Becomes The Best Crypto to Buy in Q1 While Aave (AAVE) and Conflux (CFX) Keep Losing Momentum

Riding a positive momentum currently, with its ongoing presale, Pullix (PLX) is positioning as the best new cryptocurrency to invest in. With innovative features and substantial support for the DeFi network, Pullix offers a unique investment opportunity. 

On the other hand, Aave (AAVE) token has totally lost momentum as the crypto asset faces strong near-bearish pressure that has pushed its value way below its support level. Meanwhile, Conflux (CFX) is also going through a similar situation only that  the price of Conflux is still giving a positive outlook.

Pullix (PLX) Transcend Crypto Exchange Normality by Merging CeFi and DeFi Features

Pullix (PLX)’s presale has experienced a surge in demand over the past month, driven by its advancements in the crypto exchange sector. Currently the token is considered as one of the best crypto investment opportunities around.

The initial token price of $0.04 has soared to $0.10, marking a 150% increase from an initial offering price of $0.04. Additionally, the project has already sold over 80 million of its native PLX token, and raised an impressive $4.9 million during its presale phase. Further projections by industry analysts indicate the potential for further gains in the 2024 bull market.

Coupled with the platform’s introduction of a token burn feature and a Profit Share Model, Pullix’s user base that has now surpassed 15,000 are bound to experience a substantial increase in their early investment on the token. 

As the token presale progresses towards its final stage before the official launch, now marks a good time for potential investors to consider entering the market. Moreso, the token price is anticipated to surge due to Pullix’s dynamic pricing model, making it an attractive investment prospect.

Essentially, Pullix distinguishes itself by bridging Centralized Finance (CeFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), aiming to provide a unified platform for all trading requirements, including easy access to liquidity, faster trading, lower fees, enhanced security, increased privacy, and greater autonomy. 

One standout feature is the platform’s capability to facilitate trading in forex, stocks, ETFs, and commodities through a single account, making it a promising investment with 100x potential.

To access these functionalities, participation in the ongoing ICO is required to acquire PLX tokens. These tokens not only grant a share of daily trading profits and staking rewards but can also be converted into other cryptocurrencies or cash. 

Aave Crypto (AAVE) Loses Momentum As It Approaches $80 Support Price

Avae have incurred 14.87% loss in value since early January till. This particular loss drove Aave from a fresh peak price of $115 early this year to its current weekly range of $84 to $94. Amid these setbacks, Aave is predominantly a good crypto to buy.

The trading volume of Aave has been rising, increasing by 16.91% in the past 24 hours recorded to be at a current range of $86. Aave’s total supply is almost completely circulated, which indicates a further rise in due time.

Should Aave coin keep pricing above critical resistance levels, it could potentially rise to $150 before the end of July. Aave is currently appraising $100 with a market cap of $1.2 billion, and it’s success is not far-fetched.

Conflux (CFX) Is Approaching Another Lower Prices As It Loses Momentum 

The price of Conflux was performing well for the most of January, hitting a peak price above $0.24 before experiencing a series of fluctuations that has dragged its price below its weekly support level of $0.244.

In the space of a week, Conflux price has reduced by 17.61% but it still maintains a 16.51% when looked at from a monthly view. Conflux is generally aiming to replicate another meteoric rise like it did last year, allowing it to gain over 199% gain in its value.

While the possibility of Conflux mirroring last year’s chances are not slim, experts think the crypto has a fair chance of accomplishing another yearly ATH, reaching a peak of $0.50 by the end of 2024.

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