Probit Exchange Review – Fees, Supported Countries & Coins, Deposits & Withdrawals

Probit Exchange Review – Fees, Supported Countries & Coins, Deposits & Withdrawals
Probit Exchange Review – Fees, Supported Countries & Coins, Deposits & Withdrawals
Probit Exchange Review – Fees, Supported Countries & Coins, Deposits & Withdrawals
A lot of supported coins
They list new coins fast

The cryptoverse is no stranger to scams. Every week we hear and read about investors and traders getting scammed, which is the clearest thing about cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Scams are more common, so many lose it all because of malevolent actors. All the company has to do is convince you to hand over your money with lies and deception. Unfortunately, there’s very little that can be done to stop scams in the crypto space other than informing yourself and not falling for their tricks.

Ultimately it all boils down to individuals, and it’s up to you and you alone to make the right choice.

Today we’ll be looking at Probit, a cryptocurrency exchange that has been in the middle of many scam allegations in recent times. Is it only a rumor, or is Probit guilty? Let’s find out.

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I admit Probit looks like a legit company at first glance, even to me. The site seems in order, and the company has been mentioned on plenty of cryptocurrency blogs such as Coin Telegraph. However, if you search for Probit reviews, you’ll only find positive opinion pieces. 

The company offers 150 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, LTC, ETH, and more exotic coins such as ZEC and TRX. The selection is much wider than most competitors but let’s move on.

Probit also offers extremely low fees for trading, in the range of 0.2% per trade. And another benefit of the platform is that it doesn’t include any KYC to sign in, which increases privacy, but this might open users to scams.

So on the surface, everything looks as it should, but unfortunately, that’s not the whole picture. So let’s dig a little deeper to see why. 

Customer Reviews

Here are 3 customer reviews I found: exchange scammed my company… exchange scammed my company for a significant amount. They are facing regulatory issues, and there is evidence they also have been hacked. They lost my deposit, and they do not want to prove they were hacked, and funds were lost.

To send everyone back the hacked balances, they are trying to charge everyone who listed an asset unannounced maintenance fees of over 20,000 USD which was not on the listing contract. We are reporting the scam to the local Korean Authorities. Do not use this exchange as they are unethical and immoral in their business.”

SCAMMERS lost 10000 USD

Absolute scam exchange! DO NOT USE PROBIT

Their exchange does not limit your slippage with a market order. Their order books are filled with ridiculous sell orders. I wanted to buy 16000 USD xrp with a market order and lost 10.000 USD with it!! I contacted the helpdesk but got no response. Only after I started to tweet the CEO, they contact me in Korean.. After a lot of effort, they managed to answer me in English that there was nothing wrong with their exchange and that I should have used a limit order.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of my lost money is in their pockets right now.

Online you find a lot(!) of bot-accounts shiling Probit btw. I’ll say it again; DO NOT USE PROBIT”


On April 12th, 2021, I lost all my coins worth over $450,000 mysteriously on Probit even when I had 2FA enabled. They hacked my browser sessions and managed to access my email deleted all verification messages.

No transaction records were shown in their system, but coins were missing, and even the Support Tickets were surprisingly ignored and closed every time. Efforts to contact Probit CEO did not yield any results, no one seemed to care. PROBIT is a big scam guys!!! They secretly withdraw all coins without any trace then disable the account in disguise of protecting your coins.”

The users tell us the real story, not the paid features on big websites. By browsing through TrustPilot, it’s clear that the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, above are only 3 examples of the fact. The TrustPilot average score is 1.6, and the hundreds of angry users are not lying.

Conclusion – Is Probit legit?

Probit is not what it seems. The platform may have been legit in the past, with all those good reviews testifying to the fact. But, without a doubt, they had something going for themselves, with their main value proposition being the highly customizable trading interface. 

Unfortunately, though, that didn’t turn out true. Probit has way too many customer reviews to ignore, all testifying that the company is, in fact, not legit. Their scamming strategy is, from what I’ve gathered, letting users deposit their funds and make it impossible for them to withdraw, citing technical difficulties to buy up some time and then ignore users’ requests. 

The scam repeats in so many cases that’s their modus operandis. On their Telegram channel, every 2 minutes, someone writes asking about the withdrawal, it’s no coincidence.

In conclusion, stay away from Probit, it’s a proven scam, and we hope that they get sued into oblivion in the near future. 

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6.7 Total Score

Ease of use
  • A lot of supported coins
  • They list new coins fast
  • A lot of scam allegations
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